Last updated on: August 15th, 2022

Betting On NASCAR

Betting on NASCAR has been a staple activity for fans of the sport every season. Legal sports betting on NASCAR in 2022 has been exciting with a ton of different NASCAR events and drivers to bet on. Kyle Chase Elliott is currently one of the top drivers in NASCAR and one of the more popular drivers to bet on. Online sportsbooks had odds for major 2022 NASCAR events, including the GEICO 500, Real Heroes 400 or the biggest of them all, the Daytona 500. The 2022 Cup Series Championship gave Elliott the best odds to win at +350 with two-time Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch sitting at +900.

While betting on NASCAR has been known by serious sports gamblers over the years, those new to it may not know where to start. That’s where we come in. You will see if NASCAR is included in legal sports betting as well as where you can place these bets. You will come across the different NASCAR odds you can put money on as well as how to understand the types of bets you are making. You will also see some of the current NASCAR odds that there are being offered.

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Is It Legal To Bet On NASCAR?

Placing a bet on a NASCAR race is just as legal as betting on any other sport posted on online sportsbooks. Any odds that are posted are free for you to enjoy and bet on. NASCAR is a sport that happens throughout the United States, so you can bet on it wherever you are. It does not matter where you are in the United States or even if the state you are in regulates sports betting or not, as betting on NASCAR at an online sportsbook based overseas is safe to do at the right sites.

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What Bets Can You Make On NASCAR

As you come across the betting on NASCAR tab on different online sportsbooks, you will find that there are plenty of betting options for you to take advantage of. Some odds will be different on different online sportsbooks, so it is good to shop lines and choose the ones that you think are best for you.

Betting On NASCAR Prop Bets

NASCAR prop bets are just as easy to follow as they are to make. In general, prop bets deal with anything about the race. You can take advantage and place a bet on a prop bet at any time leading up to a NASCAR race. One prop bet that you would find on online sportsbooks could be the order of the first three racers to finish the race. They will have different odds posted for the exact order of how the first three people to finish the race. If you were to bet on Kyle Busch, Martin Truex, and Joey Logano to finish in that order, it would not matter if they were the first three to finish. They would need to finish in that order to win your bet. Head to head matches are also a popular form of NASCAR prop bets.

Betting On NASCAR Futures Bets

A NASCAR futures bet is similar to a prop bet in the sense that you can make the bet at any time before the race actually happens. Here you can take advantage of a bet weeks before an event even happens. The further out the race is, the longer the odds are across the board. This gives bettors a chance to win big on some of their favorite racers. These odds shift the closer the event comes to taking place, so the timing for when to place these wagers is key. An example of a futures bet that you can make would be betting on the Daytona 500 weeks or even months before it actually happens.

Betting On NASCAR Over/Under Bets

There are different options when placing an over/under on a NASCAR race. You can bet on the projected time for how long a lap will take by a specific racer. You can also bet on the Over/Under of how long a pit stop could take. If you were to bet on the Over/Under for the time of a pit stop you are betting on how long it will take from start to finish for a car to be back on the track from the time they entered the stop. For example, if the Over/Under for a pit stop is set at 14.5 seconds with the Under favored at -120 and the Over is at -100, that would mean that it is favored not to go over 14.5 seconds. If you bet the under, the stop would have to be 14 seconds or less.

How To Make Money From NASCAR Betting

If you are planning on betting on NASCAR, you must have created an online sportsbook account and the first thing you need to do is add money to your account. When depositing money, you should know that there a plenty of options to do so. You can use a debit or credit card as well as a money order. If you’re using and international-based online sportsbook, you can use cryptocurrency as well like bitcoin.

As you look at your cash out options, you have different online sportsbook deposit methods as well. If you used either a credit card, debit card or money order, you have the option of receiving your winnings by either a wire transfer or by a check in the mail. If you used bitcoin on your bet, you can have your funds deposited directly back into your cryptocurrency wallet.