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  • NASCAR seems to be making a sharp turn in its approach to gambling, now partnering with PrizePicks.
  • Earlier in the season they partnered with Powerball, showing a clear commitment to being invested in the gambling space.
  • With NASCAR being a popular fantasy sport for decades, the shift in attitude for the league will prove to be a major turning point.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.NASCAR earlier in the season dipped their toes into the world of gambling with a partnership between them and the Powerball lottery, marking a first for the league. If that was dipping their toes, they are now jumping headfirst by partnering with daily fantasy operator PrizePicks.

This development signifies a new era for NASCAR in which they are fully embracing gambling, whereas previously the league wanted little to nothing to do with gaming. Despite their previous aversion, NASCAR has been a fixture across fantasy sports and legal sportsbooks alike for decades, and it looks as if this will only intensify following the partnerships.

What PrizePicks is and NASCAR’s Gaming Timeline

PrizePicks has now been dubbed the official fantasy sports partner for NASCAR, a natural progression after the operator has been growing at huge rates.

PrizePicks is a daily fantasy style betting platform that specializes in player props and cross-sport betting. What this means in terms of NASCAR is that users can bet on various props for each driver, including things such as overtakes, starting position, fantasy score, fastest laps, etc.

With this NASCAR sports betting partnership, they are making all of the necessary moves to position themselves as one of the top sports to bet on, something that has only grown in popularity since the league has continued to partner with gambling entities.

NASCAR has built their way up to this ever since 2019 when Dover Motor Speedway’s in-stadium casino was allowed to start taking bets through a betting window. In order to tie up loose ends, the league then altered their policy to require drivers to uphold integrity by not sharing insider information, which has proven successful so far.

Following the success from the betting window, NASCAR opened up all teams in the league to be able to partner alongside sports betting companies, such as Richard Childress Racing signing with BetMGM in 2021. The league also partnered with the American Gaming Association in 2020, becoming the first professional sports league to do so.

With NASCAR now fully embracing legal sports betting as a part of the league, this will no doubt open the door for not only major sponsorships to come their way, but also lead the way for other sports leagues to do the same.

We are clearly witnessing a revolution in sports around the acceptance of sports betting and partnerships between gambling operators and sports teams/leagues. While not every state has legalized sports betting, this may soon begin to change as more influential entities such as professional sports leagues begin to vouch for operators. Truly, the sports world is changing like never before and we are all witnesses of its humble beginnings.

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