AOC and Joe Biden

  • If Joe Biden wins the 2020 elections, he will be the Democratic nominee for 2024.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s popularity gives her equal odds to be the next Democratic presidential nominee.
  • Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have short odds of being their party’s nominee in 2024.

WASHINGTON – Although the 2020 elections are not complete, political bettors are placing their wagers on who will be the Democratic nominee for 2024.

With the 2020 elections just around the corner, election odds for future elections are already seeing some action. Namely, who will be the Democratic nominee for 2024.

The Shortest Odds For 2024

At the moment, the shortest odds for the 2024 democratic presidential nominee are tied. Former Vice President Joe Biden has +300 odds of becoming the Democratic nominee for 2024. Biden is the current Democratic nominee with -180 odds of winning the election.

Biden’s odds has become shorter since President Donald Trump caught COVID-19. The President is receiving treatment for the disease at the moment. But because of this development, bettors are wagering on Biden to win the election.

If Biden wins the election, him being the 2024 Democratic nominee is nearly a given unless he gives up the position or passes away. But if he loses, bettors are wagering that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) will be the 2024 Democratic nominee.

AOC is tied with Biden with +300 odds of being the next Democratic nominee. She will turn 35 by the elections in 2024, making her old enough to be president.

AOC is extremely popular with young democrats who voted for Bernie Sanders during the elections. And although she is a member of the House of Representatives, she is known nationwide. Given all of these facts, betting on AOC could turn up a win at online sportsbooks.

Another person to consider wagering on is Kamala Harris. Harris is the current Democratic Vice President pick for Biden. If Biden wins, she will be the new Vice President. If for some reason, Biden wins and he is no longer able to perform his duties at 2024, she would be the natural pick to be the next Democratic President.

Given her potential position for Vice President, betting on Harris to be the next Democratic nominee is a rather safe bet. Either way, the political action is heating up for both 2020 and 2024.

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