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  • The best bets on Donald Trump’s indictment are on additional charges to be filed against the former President regarding misuse of classified files (-400) and the January 6 events in the capital (-200).
  • One other Bovada special bet for Donald Trump that may payout is on the former President to win the election in 2024 while being a defendant in a criminal trial at the same time with +450 odds.

NEW YORKOdds on Donald Trump’s arraignment are available at many legal betting sites around the country, with popular bets on the former President including odds on his conviction status, what he will be charged with, and on a potential Presidential pardon.

These Presidential betting odds at Bovada find themselves under their “Trump Specials” category.

Trump Specials at Bovada

  • Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To Classified Material -400
  • Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To January 6th Events -200
  • Donald Trump To Win The 2024 US Presidential Election And Be The Defendant In A Criminal Trial During The Term Of Office +450
  • Donald Trump To Be Convicted Of A Felony And Serve Time In Prison Before 2025 +550
  • Donald Trump To Relocate To Russia Before 2025 +800
  • ‘Donald’ To Make The Top 100 Baby Names For 2023 According To Ssa.Gov +1000
  • Stormy Daniels To Be The Cover Star For Vogue In 2023 +1600
  • Donald Trump To Win The 2024 US Presidential Election And Serve Any Part Of His Term From Prison +2500

Best Bets for Donald Trump

With the Washington Post reporting that Donald Trump’s charges in his case will be 34 accounts of falsifying financial records, it seems unlikely that District Attorney Alvin Bragg will let up there.

Trump has already begun publicly denouncing Bragg, which may prompt the D.A. to tack on additional charges that could give bettors an edge.

Specifically, bets on the former President to be indicted for misuse of classified materials (-400) and the January 6th events in Washington D.C. (-200) are likely to pay off based on the public sparing.

There is also one other two-step strategy that may give bettors an edge for long odds at legal sports betting sites considering the high likelihood that the trial is prolonged with additional charges:

  • Consider that Donald Trump is the favorite to be the Republican Nominee for the 2024 Election with -150 Odds.
  • The Republican Party has -130 odds to be win the 2024 Presidential Election.

With Trump’s status as the odds-on favorite to be the representative of the party with the most likely chance to win the election, taking Trump to win in 2024 and to be a defendant at the time with +450 odds may be the best bet for the polarizing political figure.

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