Mattress Mack

  • Bovada is offering betting odds on how much Mattress Mack will bet on Super Bowl 57 and the 2023 World Series.
  • Based on his past history, it is very likely that Mattress Mack continues to set records and pays out bettors that believe he will do so.

HOUSTON – Following Mattress Mack’s historic $75 million win off the Houston Astros’ 2022 World Series victory, Bovada has now posted odds on how much the Texan will wager on Super Bowl 57 and the 2023 World Series.

Betting the Over on What Mattress Mack Bets on the Super Bowl

Mattress Mack has become a famous legal sports bettor for many different bets, having earned his name recognition from many large wagers before his historic win earlier this month.

One of his past bets was a $9.5 million wager on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 56. He has also wagered twice on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, losing both bets.

Despite never having bet more than $9.5 million on the big game, it is curious to see that Bovada has placed the current Mattress Mack Super Bowl wagering line for Super Bowl 57 at a cool $10.1 million.

Odds On How Much Mattress Mack Will Bet On The 2023 Super Bowl

  • Over $10.1 Million USD +155
  • Under $10.1 Million USD -210

He is surely unlikely to stick to his Texan roots and bet $10 million on the Houston Texans, but with $75 million in his pocket after his World Series win, it seems that the clear best bet at Bovada is on the over $10.1 million bet on the Super Bowl by Mattress Mack.

Betting the Over on Mattress Mack’s 2023 World Series Bet

Mattress Mack’s betting odds on the 2023 World Series are essentially the exact opposite from his projected bet on the Super Bowl, as Bovada has the over as a considerable favorite albeit at a slightly lower number.

Mattress Mack’s Wager on the Houston Astros to Win the 2023 World Series

  • Over $9.1 Million USD -210
  • Under $9.1 Million USD +155

Two key recent developments point to this over-hitting easily:

  • Mattress Mack Himself: With the popularity and success that Mattress Mack has gained through sports betting, the question is why would all of a sudden start gambling less? Mack’s Gallery Furniture store is thriving and he clearly has the sports gambling itch. Mattress Mack is actually already back gambling, this time on the Houston Cougars to win March Madness in 2023.
  • Recent Texas Proposal: All of Mattress Mack’s past bets have been placed in states with regulated sports betting, but the recent filling of a sports gambling bill in Texas may mean Mack no longer has to travel far and wide to make his big-time gambles. In fact, it seems like a fair bet to place that the current face of sports gambling may even get to place the first bet at one of the new establishments.

Are you a believer ready to trail bets on Mattress Mack to keep setting records at Bovada?

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