2023 Pro Bowl

  • The AFC has -135 odds to win the Kick Tac Toe skills competition.
  • The NFC and AFC share -120 odds to win the final Flag Football game.
  • The 2023 Pro Bowl Games feature six events available for betting.

PARADISE, Nev. – The 2023 Pro Bowl Games provide a new twist to the original Pro Bowl format. The emphasis will now be on skills competitions in which each conference gathers points towards an ultimate flag football game.

Each conference has -120 odds to win in all three flag football games.

A quick scoring breakdown for the 2023 Pro Bowl Games:

Bettors can look forward to wagering on the winning conference for each skills competition. The winning conference of each skills competition receives three points.

The points each conference accumulated throughout the skills competitions and first two flag football games will be their starting score for the third and final game, deciding who will be the winning conference of the 2023 NFL Pro Games.

Both conferences have -120 odds to win NFL Flag Football Game #3.

An opportunity for the AFC to gain three points towards the final match comes in the Kick Tac Toe competition.

Kick Tac Toe Skills Competition

The AFC has -135 odds, and the NFC has -105 odds to win the competition.

The competition features Justin Tucker representing the AFC and Jason Myers representing the NFC.

Tucker and Myers will compete in a giant Tic-Tac Toe competition that requires the winner to kick through three connecting squares.

Justin Tucker is expected to shine in this competition, as he holds the title for the most accurate kicker in NFL history.

Tucker’s precision makes the AFC a valuable bet at -135 odds on NFL betting sites.

However, NFC bettors can rely on Jason Myers, as he only has missed three field goals all year and had a 92% field goal percentage.

Justin Tucker had an 86% field goal percentage this year, his third lowest percentage in his career.

Three of his six misses were blocked and one of the misses was from 67 yards, a distance no other kicker in the NFL would attempt.

Tucker’s lower than usual field goal percentage in 2022 is not a reliable reason to bet against him.

Despite the NFC’s representative being highly accurate in 2022, it would be a wiser bet to ride with the most accurate kicker in NFL history in an accuracy competition.

Flag Football Game #3

NFL Pro Bowl Games – Flag Football Game #3

  • AFC -120
  • NFC -120

The winners of the skills competitions and the first two flag football games will have a big influence on who wins the final flag football game.

As mentioned previously, points earned throughout earlier competitions will represent each conference’s starting score for the final game.

Based on the odds provided by legal sportsbooks, the NFC is favored in two of the three skills competitions for Sunday.

This means the NFC will likely have a lead if they can win at least one of the first two flag football games.

The NFC is better built for a flag football game, as they have some of the leagues fastest defensive players to match speedy AFC receivers such as Tyreek Hill.

Tariq Woolen and Dalvin Cook of the NFC were both in the top 10 for ball carrier top speeds in 2022.

Trevon Diggs ran a 4.42 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, slightly faster than his brother on the AFC offense, Stefon Diggs.

Flag football makes players such as Saquon Barkley more valuable than Derrick Henry because of how much juking and elusiveness is valued.

Based on favoritism in other events potentially providing a head start paired with their team speed, the NFC provides good value at -120 odds to win the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.

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