Eric Adams

  • Eric Adams has -200 odds to be elected Mayor of New York.
  • Andrew Yang has +600 long odds.
  • Kathryn Garcia’s odds have shortened to +350.

NEW YORK – Sports betting fans who place action on political odds have been active with the New York City Mayoral Election.

Early favorite Andrew Yang has seen his odds shift drastically at online sportsbooks, now with just the third shortest odds to win.

Meanwhile, due to strong shifts in the polls, those betting on election odds began leaning heavily in favor of Eric Adams who is now the runaway favorite to be elected.

New York City Mayoral Election Odds

Adams has gained a lot of support from New Yorkers with his campaign being run on lowering the rising crime rate and fixing the local city economy.

Adams being a former police officer of 22 years helps his case in that regard, as many voters trust that Adams will have the best choices for turning New York City around.

Next Elected Mayor Of New York City

  • Eric Adams -200
  • Kathryn Garcia +350
  • Andrew Yang +600
  • Maya Wiley +700
  • Carlos Menchaca +9900
  • Dianne Morales +9900
  • Raymond McGuire +9900
  • Scott Stringer +9900
  • Shaun Donovan +9900

“We’re much more than we were told we are,” said Adams. “And New York should allow us all to be who we were meant to be.”

While Yang initially held a strong lead in the polls, recent pushes from Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams have made it a race.

Current polls show that Adams is sitting with 28% of likely voters, Yang with 20%, and Garcia with 15%.

Political betting fans have jumped onto these odds at legal sportsbooks, clinging heavily on Adams with the voting day here. Longshot betting fans, however, could cash in big placing action right now.

Yang still has a lot of support. He has been endorsed by both the Police Union and the Firemen’s Union. The Police Union endorsement, in particular, is a big win for Yang, as Adams is a 22-year police veteran and his former collegues are siding against him.

Yang could easily come out on top as well, as several controversies have begun surrounding Adams during the final week of campaigning.

The glaring one is the unfortunate stabbing of Adams campaign worker. The victim was later revealed to have been arrested 40 times in the past.

This has led many potential voters to question Adams for hiring ex-cons to work for him. This, in addition to rumors of corruption in his campaign, may shift voters last minute back to Yang.

Garcia is also a potential big win at legal sports betting sites as her campaign is a progressive one, like Yang, and she can potentially gain favor as Yang declines in popularity.

Garcia already has shorter odds than Yang, despite Yang being higher in the polls. This could be because of how big Garcia’s jump has been.

In early polling, Garcia held just 4% of total voters, jumping to the teens ahead of election day. This election will surely be unpredictable, so longshot bettors should jump on these odds.

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