ESPN Daily Wager

  • ESPN has officially announced a new sports betting podcast airing ahead of the March Madness tournament.
  • The podcast is titled Daily Wager and will be hosted by rotating analysts all year long.
  • Daily Wager will air early afternoons on weekdays starting March 15.

BRISTOL, Conn. – ESPN has continued its embracing of legal sports betting with the announcement of an all-new podcast launching on March 15.

The podcast is titled Daily Wager and will be sports betting focused. A rotating cast of analysts will discuss odds, picks, and betting lines on weekdays.

Names associated with the podcast are Doug Kezerian, Joe Fortenbaugh, Tyler Fulghum, Dalen Cuff, Chris Fallica, and many others.

Daily Wagers In Coming

ESPN’s goal was to have the sports betting podcast available ahead of March Madness betting with analysts set to break down betting lines for every matchup during the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness is one of the biggest events in legal sports betting every year, making this the perfect time to launch the Daily Wager.

“The podcast will be year-round on weekdays, hosted by a rotation of Daily Wager television program anchor and sports betting analyst Doug Kezirian and ESPN sports betting analysts Joe Fortenbaugh and Tyler Fulghum,” read the official announcement. “Other ESPN sports betting analysts also may appear. The fast-paced podcast, which will be released early in the afternoon (ET), will focus on the biggest games and best plays for the night.”

There will be four-game preview shows on Daily Wager and they will break down betting lines every day throughout the tournament.

The Daily Wager Tournament Preview specials are set to debut on March 20 and air on March 21, March 27, and April 3.

These specials will be hosted by Dalen Cuff, with special ESPN guests planned as well. Chris “The Bear” Fallica has also been attached to the specials.

This new podcast is just another example of the continued growth of sports betting media. Odds are used on sports broadcast shows for every game, further normalizing how the sports community has embraced sports betting.

Daily Wager has already proven to be a success for ESPN’s television outlet, making the podcast extension almost natural. With more states with legal sports betting launching every year, more programs like Daily Wager are sure to come.

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