Mattress Mack

  • Despite massive success, Mattress Mack is likely a bad bet to trust because of his history of losses and financial gain regardless of his bets.

HOUSTON – Following the TCU Horned Frogs’ loss in the National Championship, Mattress Mack’s betting history has now slipped to 2-7 on his largest wagers since the start of 2022.

Mattress Mack has been one of the most famous sports bettors in the world for many years now, although his recent string of bets suggests players may be better off fading the mogul than trailing his bets.

Mattress Mack Losses since 2022

  • TCU to Win CFP: $1,500,000 Lost
  • Bengals ML to Win Super Bowl 56: $9,534,000 Lost
  • Alabama to Win CFP: $6,000,000 Lost
  • Epicenter to Win Kentucky Derby: $2,600,000 Lost
  • Patriots to Win Super Bowl 56: $2,000,000 Lost
  • Any East Region Team to Win March Madness: $1,000,000 Lost
  • Titans to Win Super Bowl 56: $700,000 Lost

Mattress Mack Wins in 2022

  • Astros to Win the World Series: $10,000,000 Bet; $75,000,000 Won
  • Kansas to Win March Madness (Final Four Future): $3,300,000 Bet; $6,270,000 Won

Big Win Overshadowing Poor History

With the largest on-record win at legal sports betting sites, discounting Mattress Mack as a sports bettor comes with an asterisk.

The famous sports bettor is up nearly $58 million since the start of 2022, but that total is carried by that singular win.

Mack was down over $20 million in 2022 alone up until the Houston Astros completed their World Series comeback over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Of course, Mattress Mack did not become a celebrity and furniture store mogul for wasting money, he can actually afford to do so because of his business.

How Does Mattress Mack Make Money Betting?

The bets that Mattress Mack makes are actually hedges on promotions run by his store, Gallery Furniture.

In what is a genius business strategy, Mack has offered many different promotions if his bets hit:

  • TCU to win the National Championship: If the Horned Frogs had managed to beat Georgia and take home the CFP crown, all customers that had purchased at least $3,000 in furniture during the promotion would have received 2X their money back.
  • Houston Astros to win the World Series: Gallery Furniture ran a promotion that would give all customers that had spent at least $5,000 on furniture $10,000 back if the ‘Stros won the World Series.
  • March Madness Promotions: When Mack placed his $1,000,000 bet on any East Region team to win the NCAA March Madness tournament he offered customers their money back if the bet hit. The lone stipulation was that the East Region team had to be an in-state school such as Texas or Baylor.

Those examples provided above illustrate that Mattress Mack is not necessarily just betting large amounts of money blindly just for fame, he does so because he profits regardless of their outcomes.

Few other gamblers experience that luxury, making Mack’s strategy a bad bet to imitate. Given his track record, it may even be best to fade Mattress Mack entirely.

Are you trailing or fading Mattress Mack bets at Bovada?

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