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  • Sports betting advertisement spending has increased 281% to $281 million since September 2021.
  • The increased spending has led to a 48.4$ increase in ad impressions. More than 18 billion impressions total.
  • The sportsbooks that have seen the most impressions have also seen the largest bump in the US market.

NEW YORK – A recent report from iSpot.TV examining the sports betting advertisement industry has showcased an increase in ad spending.

Sportsbooks advertisement spending is up 281% compared to the previous year. This has led to a 48.4% increase in impressions.

Sports betting advertisement impressions are now more than 18 billion, with FanDuel seeing the largest percentage of these impressions.

Sports Betting Ad Impressions

  • FanDuel: 34%
  • Caesars: 21.7%
  • DraftKings: 18.6%
  • BetMGM: 13.4%
  • FOX Bet: 7.5%

The report also revealed approximately $282 million was spent on sports betting advertising between September 2021 and May 2022.

37% of total ad impressions came from local ads. This makes sense as only 20 states host regulated online sportsbooks. The emphasis on local advertisements should yield better results in those specific markets.

“From an impression standpoint, 40% were still local, so there clearly is a ramp for a spending increase,” said Tyler Bobin of iSpot in the report. “Local is cheaper, so it is how much can these sportsbooks spend? But with another five states legalizing, we might see national numbers tick up.”

The local ad push has aided multiple sportsbooks. Caesars Sports for example outspent all other sportsbooks early on when the New York online sports betting market went live. This gave Caesars and early lead in the market.

When Caesars scaled back its advertising and promotional spending, they were overtaken by FanDuel. This directly shows the impact ad spending and impressions have on the betting market.

The report showed that Caesars also led the charge in spending for national advertisements, hosting 66% of the national ad spend. This led to Caesars seeing 51% of ad impressions in that time frame.

The NFL season accounted for approximately 75% of the spending on advertisements. NFL-centric programs saw 42.5% of all ad impressions from sportsbooks.

Networks Embracing Sports Betting

Unsurprisingly, the networks that aired national sporting events were the primary sources for sports betting advertising.

Top TV Channel Ad Impressions

  • CBS 22.2%
  • FOX 19.8%
  • NBC 13.2%
  • ESPN 1.9%

An interesting omission is TBS. TBS hosted several NCAA March Madness tournament games but saw no sportsbook advertisements during that stretch.

Even with the amount of ad spend from sportsbooks, they only ranked 88th on total advertising impressions. Due to its targeted nature and prime focus on the NFL season, it is no surprise that in totality sportsbooks aren’t outspending other corporations in advertising.

The report believes this proves that the fear of oversaturation with sports betting advertisements is not as serious as some have made it seem.

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