Joe Biden is now favored to win the presidential election.

  • Joe Biden is now favorited on odds boards.
  • Donald Trump is an underdog for the first time this election.
  • Both Trump and Biden are heavy favorites to win their political parties.

WASHINGTON – As the November Presidential election nears, the election odds have taken a surprising shift on legal sports betting sites. Joe Biden has become the new favorite to win the election over Donald Trump.

This is the first time that Trump is considered an underdog since presidential nominees began campaigning in 2019.

Biden Vs. Trump

With the Presidential election is starting to heat up, it is looking like it is going to be a race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Biden took this election by surprise as many thought that it would be Bernie Sanders who would come out of the Democratic side.

Now at an even bigger surprise, Joe Biden has taken over as the favorite to win the Presidential election at -105 for the first time during his campaign. Things have been in Biden’s favor ever since he won the primaries in South Carolina.

For President Trump, on the other hand, things have taken a turn for the worse in terms of election odds. With Biden leading the odds at -105, Trump has fallen to EVEN. This is the first time Trump has not been favored to win during his whole campaign.

On a more positive note for both of them, they are both heavy favorites to win their respective political parties. Biden is currently favored at -1500 with Hillary Clinton who is next on the odds board listed at +1400. Trump has a bit more leeway with his odds as he is favored at -2000 while the next best odds belong to Nikki Haley at +3000.

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