Prop bets on Jennifer Lopez are up for SB54.

  • Jennifer Lopez is set to hit the stage for the Super Bowl 54 halftime show.
  • There are a lot of prop bets surrounding Jennifer Lopez and the halftime show.
  • J-Lo showing butt cleavage had odds that opened at -1000 for “No” to +500 odds for “Yes” on betting sites.

MIAMI – The closer we get to Super Bowl 54, the more eager sports bettors begin wagering on the most outlandish prop bets available. The latest one takes the cake, as there are betting lines for Jennifer Lopez showing butt cleavage.

That is not a joke, J-Lo’s butt cleavage is the latest prop bet that has NFL bettors and general sports bettors casting their lot in hopes for a big payout.

To clarify, butt cleavage is defined as the “minor exposure of the buttocks and the intergluteal cleft between them, often because of low-rise pants.” J-Lo has never been shy when it comes to exposing and celebrating her “assets” as one of her biggest songs is titled “Booty”.

Will Lopez be showing her butt cleavage to the world at Super Bowl 54? A lot of sports bettors are starting to think so.

Odds Are Changing

Since the betting line was posted by BetOnline, sports betting fans all over have begun placing wagers on if we will be seeing J-Lo’s glutes come Super Bowl Sunday. This influx of bettors has caused the odds to fluctuate.

While earlier odds had J-Lo’s butt cleavage exposure at -1000 for “No” to +500 for “Yes”, BetOnline shows that current odds have it listed at -325 for “No” and +215 for “Yes”. What this shows is that more and more sports bettors are starting to bet in favor of butt cleavage.

J. lo butt cleavage

Those eager sports bettors who are ready to place their bets on the Super Bowl are having a field day with these butt cleavage prop bets. J-Lo’s buns aren’t the only prop bets surrounding her Super Bowl halftime performance, as there are a slew of prop bets for the big show.

J-Lo Prop Bets For Super Bowl 54

There are a lot of other prop bets surrounding Jennifer Lopez and the halftime show. If you want more cleavage, there is a prop bet for who will be showing cleavage between J-Lo and Shakira. Current odds have “both” as the -200 favorite. “J-Lo only” or “Shakira only” are both at +250 odds. Neither one showing cleavage is the underdog at +550.

Shakira cleavage

There is also a prop bet for if J-Lo and Shakira will address the audience in Spanish first before performing. No is the favorite with -200 compared to yes +150.

j. lo shakira spanish

Sports bettors looking for more J-Lo prop bets beyond these betting lines will surely find some. This time the line is surrounding whether or not J-Lo and Shakira will be suspended in the air. This line has no as the -300 favorite over yes at +200.

J. Lo Shakira air

However, bettors plan to wager Super Bowl Sunday, they should not be short of options. Super Bowl 54 kicks off Sunday, February 2 at 6 p.m. EST. Tune in for the results of the butt cleavage bets as well as all the rest of the possible Super Bowl wagers.

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