Kentucky Derby

  • Golden Gates Casino’s Circa Sports has posted its futures odds for the Kentucky Derby, bringing with it, two-way betting for the first time.
  • Sports bettors can either wager on a horse to win or bet on the field.
  • The betting limit of $200 per bet is increased to $1,000 per wager with two-way betting.
  • Tiz The Law (+225) has the shortest odds to win the 2020 Kentucky Derby

LOUISVILLE, Ky.Betting on the Kentucky Derby has just gotten a little more interesting with Circa Sports pushing two-way betting with its futures odds.

Two-way betting on the Kentucky Derby is when you either wager on a particular horse to win or you bet on the field. There is a higher risk/reward when you take action on a specific horse while the field is safer but the returns are less.

The Golden Gates Casino backed sportsbook has also expanded its betting limit for futures betting from $200 to $1,000 if you are two-way betting.

Two-Way Betting At Circa Sports

This is the first time legal horse race bettors can partake in two-way betting at Circa Sports.

“If they bet into the normal pool, they’re leaving money on the table, where they get the same odds on the yes as on the yes/no,” said Paul Zilm, Circa Sports’ risk supervisor. “And what that does is that gives us flexibility to manage it. But it also gives the bettor flexibility if they want to take a stand against a horse that’s getting over-bet, that they don’t like, then they can lay the ‘No.’”

Currently, the horse with the shortest odds to win is Tiz The Law is favored to win, with +225 odds.

The racehorse has gained a lot of respect as the Kentucky Derby favorite this year.

Kentucky Derby 2020

  • Tiz The Law +225
  • Honor A.P +450
  • Authentic +1000
  • Cezanne +1200
  • Sole Volante +1400
  • Dr Post +1600
  • Mischevious Alex +1600
  • Green Light Go +2000
  • King Guillermo +2000
  • Modernist +2000
  • Gouverneur Morris +2200
  • Shivaree +2500
  • Ete Indien +2800
  • Max Player +2800
  • Pneumatic +2800
  • Basin +3300
  • Mr Big News +5000
  • Storm The Court +5000
  • Wells Bayou +5000

Tiz The Law sored as the favorite to win following the injury to Maxfield, which forced the thoroughbred to drop out.

The Kentucky Derby will take place on September 5 at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky.

All of your two-way horse betting needs will be available at legal betting sites until then.

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