New Jersey Legislature

  • Indiana lawmakers introduced SB 423, which looks to modify euthanasia rules for underground animal fighting.
  • New Jersey sportsbooks could see an ease from underage gambling, as NJ legislators attempt to increase the under 21 gambling penalty.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Two betting regulation bills made headlines this week, with a focus on underage gambling and betting on unlicensed animal fights.

For New Jersey, their fight is to combat underage gambling in Atlantic City casinos. Currently, the legal age to bet on sports is 21, like most states.

NJ Underage Sports Betting Potential Changes

  • Adds the ability for judges to add problem gambling treatment.
  • Allows judges to issue fines and/or the education program.

With NJ SB 1599, New Jersey would have stronger backlash in punishments for those who do partake in legal sports betting but are underage.

Reported from the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee, a 5-0 vote for approval on May 18 moved NJ SB 1599 forward.

While there is still plenty of work to make this bill law, legislators do have the entire year to figure it out. As the NJ legislative session ends December 31, a slow unravel could happen, evident by the over three-month gap in action from its February 14 introduction.

Still, many question the need for this New Jersey sports betting bill. Per the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, underage sports bettors are not near the top of the list of issues.

In fact, casinos are more often found allowing those on the self-exclusion list to bet on sports rather than those underage. With an estimated 98% of sports betting in NJ occurring online, another focus toward underage internet sports betting may be more beneficial.

Indiana’s Stance on Underground Animal Betting

While NJ looks at the youths, Indiana’s focus was on balancing money and costs associated with breaking up unlicensed betting on animal fights.

With an estimated 2000 birds and 20 dogs seized over the last half-decade, the Indiana Gaming Commission’s oversight often comes without proper funding.

With this, lawmakers introduced IN SB 423, which received governor approval as well.

Set to better match funding, this Indiana sports betting bill may not be about Indiana sportsbook regulation. Still, IN SB 423 would help cover expenses for those watching the animals as the courts undergo due process for the gambling rings’ leaders.

On top of this, the Indiana bill would look to change the merits of euthanasia in the state. Currently, the law dictates certain moments when animals can receive euthanasia, such as extreme pain. If approved, this bill would ease the ability to euthanatize animals should they be deemed harmful to themselves, other animals, or humans.

It would also give immunity in civil cases to the vets or professionals making these decisions.

As this bill expects to help facilitate the IGC’s regulations, it passed with governor approval in late April.

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