Nancy Pelosi

  • Nancy Pelosi has -275 odds to remain the Speaker of the House.
  • Currently, no challenger has appeared to run against Pelosi.
  • Democrats have lost four seats in the House.

WASHINGTONThe Presidential Election isn’t the only political betting line that has sports bettors clamoring. A lot of action is being taken on the odds for who will win the Speaker of the House.

Current Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the early favorite as she is currently running unopposed. Pelosi, however, is suffering from a Republican influx in the House this past election.

Sports bettors are expecting no change at the Speaker position, however, there is reason for sports bettors to take a second look at the current betting line.

Pelosi Heavy Favorite

The results of the 2020 Presidential Election maybe still in flux, but sports bettors are confident in the Speaker of the House election as Pelosi is the current runaway favorite.

Pelosi is currently running unopposed and this is likely to remain heading into the election.

Who Will Be The Next Speaker Of the House?

  • Nanci Pelosi -275
  • Other +200

Should, however, a Republican candidate appear and run against Pelosi, it is incredibly plausible that she could lose that position as the Democrats house majority has suffered.

While several seats remain up for grabs, so far, the Republican party has gained five seats to the Democrats four losses. The Democratic majority initially was 220 to the Republicans 192.

While the Dems still hold the House, the losses cannot be ignored as voters continue to pull right.

A Republican candidate could theoretically appear and garner some votes, especially considering Joe Biden’s projected victory in the White House. Pelosi served as the Democratic Speaker under Republican President Donald Trump.

With the Democrats holding the House, however, the likely hood of Pelosi losing is very slim. Pelosi should remain the Speaker of the House, and legal sports betting sites show that sports bettors are expecting the same.

If a last-minute effort from the Republicans leads to them claiming the House, and a Republican candidate appears to oppose Pelosi, then longshot bettors could cash in big on this early wager.

For now, however, taking the field appears to be a bad wager.

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