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  • Both Nevada and Ohio have recently approved new additions to their wager categories.
  • Ohio has added specific NFL draft and NHL draft props.
  • Nevada on the other hand has added new events and leagues like the World Series of Poker and Golden Tee.

LAS VEGAS – Both the Nevada Gaming Control Board as well as the Ohio Casino Control Commission have recently added some new markets that bettors in the states will be able to partake in. Many of the most recent additions are either specific prop markets for the upcoming NFL and NHL drafts or adding in new events such as the World Series of Poker.

These new additions also work to expand the scope of sports betting, adding in arcade and card games. Legal betting sites will start accepting bets in states that have approved the wagers.

What Has Ohio Added?

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has approved two new wagers this month and four total since the start of February. The most recent addition is for the NFL draft while the other three are for the NHL draft.

The NFL draft prop that was added specifies “player Y drafted in round X” meaning that Ohio sports betting will now feature a market for any players drafted in any round as decided by the sportsbook operators.

With the NFL draft right around the corner, this wager could be a very interesting one, particularly for those players that are at the edges of each round and may provide some nice value for bettors that love predicting where their favorite college players will land.

The other three newest wagers are all related to the NHL draft, with the most recent being “team to draftplayer’s name’”. Notably, this wager also specifies that the team cannot be holding one of the top two picks, making it an interesting market for predicting the player that a bettor’s favorite team will pick and may net huge odds for the organizations that pick late.

The other two are “number of specified position players selected in the draft and “number X pick or in the first X number of picks”. The latter is a more general version of the most recently approved wager that will likely offer shorter odds but with a much higher likelihood.

The former is instead an interesting choice to predict if defensemen, centers, wingers, or goalies will be the most taken position. Given that most of these tend to be similar in number of players selected in the first round (minus goalies), this is shaping up to be a popular market among sharp NHL fans.

Nevada Adds New Events

Nevada has similarly added new markets  that have been pre-approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. These two events were the Golden Tee World Championship and the World Series of Poker.

Poker is already massively popular in the gambling community and the addition of this market is sure to be popular given that the World Series of Poker finals alone is already watched by over a million people yearly.

The specific approved wager specifies that it is only available for the final nine main event, which is sure to feature many fans’ favorite players and will provide legal Nevada sportsbooks with plenty of traffic throughout the event.

The last and final new addition is that of Golden Tee, an arcade game that simulates golf and allows for head-to-head play. While relatively niche, the inclusion of the first arcade game into officially approved wagers could lead to more in the future, as well as other more specialized sports and events.

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