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  • After Elon Musk purchased Twitter at the end of October, legal sportsbooks dropped odds for when Trump would return to the platform, with before December 2022 having +110 odds.
  • While Musk has not officially confirmed Trump’s un-banning, Musk has fired the legal executive Vijaya Gadde who advocated for the ex-president’s permeant ban.

SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter has officially been purchased by Elon Musk and Donald Trump has +110 odds to return to the platform before December 2022. There are odds at Bovada for when/if Trump’s return to Twitter will occur and what the content of the first tweet would consist of.

Trump’s Twitter Return Odds

  • Before December 2022 +110
  • December 2022 +350
  • January 2023 +400
  • February 2023 or Longer +275

Along with his potential return, there are legal political wagers for the potential content of Trump’s first tweet, and some of these props could result in big payouts, while others have odds that are so long, they might not be worth touching.

To Appear in First Tweet Odds

  • Great -10000
  • Our Country -5000
  • Truth -2500
  • Patriot/S -1500
  • MAGA/Make America Great Again –1000
  • Save America -500
  • Elon +200
  • 2024 +250
  • White House +250
  • Capitol +400
  • Fake News +500
  • Radical Left +500
  • Rigged +500
  • Covid +800
  • Dumb +800
  • Haters And Losers +800

The combination of these odds and props at legal sports betting sites suggest that Trump will return to the platform in the near future, with Elon Musk criticizing the ban when it first occurred in 2021. Even if Musk is not currently saying if he is planning on un-banning the ex-president from the platform, his recent actions point towards that conclusion.

Musk has even commented on the situation in a recent tweet of his own.

After finalizing the deal to become the majority owner of Twitter, Musk fired four executives which included the head of the legal department Vijaya Gadde, who reportedly played a role in Trump’s permanent ban. The Washington Post explained how Gadde called an emergency meeting after the Capital Riots in 2021, requesting Trump’s ban from the platform before it was announced.

Will Trump be Tweeting by December?

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