Nancy Pelosi

  • Nancy Pelosi has a prop bet at online sportsbooks for which position she will hold next term.
  • Sports bettors are wagering on whether or not she will be the Speaker of the House or the US President.
  • Pelosi is currently the Speaker of the House and would only be president if both the President and Vice President lose their positions.

WASHINGTON – With the Presidential Election getting closer to reaching its climax, more election odds and presidential prop bets are popping up at online sportsbooks.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the current person who has sports bettors taking heavy action on their position next term, with Pelosi having longshot odds to be President starting January 21, 2021.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has the third-highest position in the country. Should both the Vice President and President be removed from their seat or pass away, Pelosi would be the next in line.

Pelosi Presidential Odds

There are several Presidential Election odds available and Pelosi’s prop bet fits right in with the long list of unique wagers. Sports bettors are leaning heavily in the direction that Pelosi will remain the Speaker of the House, however.

Pelosi becoming the US President has extremely long odds, showing that sports bettors are not expecting anything drastic when the next term starts.

What Position Will N. Pelosi Hold On Jan 21, 2021?

  • Speaker Of The House -50000
  • US President +4000

There was a belief that should the Presidential Election be delayed that Nancy Pelosi would take the reigns as the President temporarily.

Since President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s term would be up, many citizens assumed that Pelosi would simply become the interim president until an election would take place.

This was quickly debunked, however, as Pelosi herself is up for reelection as well.

Pelosi’s term would be up, which contradicts the idea that she would automatically be promoted to President even temporarily. Pelosi would be forced to step down, just like President Trump and VP Pence.

How Pelosi Can Become President

It’s not completely impossible for Pelosi to become president, although it is extremely unlikely for these events to occur.

In order for Pelosi to become president by January 21, 2021, there must be a tie in the Electoral College. This is possible to occur based on the total electoral votes available but that has never happened before.

For example, should Joe Biden claim Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nebraska, and President Trump maintains the states he won in 2016, then the two candidates would be tied at 269 electoral votes.

Should there be a tie in the Electoral Votes, neither candidate would advance to the presidential seat, and Pelosi, should she be reelected as Speaker of the House, would then claim the Presidential seat in the next term.

While this is an extremely unlikely scenario, should this happen, some lucky legal sports bettors would be coming out winning substantially at online sportsbooks.

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