PlayUp Sportsbook Closed

  • PlayUp Sportsbook was shut down by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for multiple non-compliance issues.
  • The New Jersey sportsbook failed to deliver financial information by the July 14 date requested by the Division after multiple requests.
  • A revocation letter published by the Division of Gaming Enforcement officially declared PlayUp Sportsbook as unable to offer real money sports betting in New Jersey.

TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement declared PlayUp Sportsbook demonstrated its inability to offer sports betting in New Jersey after multiple compliance issues.

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), PlayUp’s continued non-compliance “demonstrate that it is currently unable to offer real money sports wagering to New Jersey customers at the standard required by Division statutes and regulations.”

The DGE released their revocation letter of PlayUp Sportsbook that details non-compliance issues with the sportsbook.

  • Outstanding invoices owed to the Division.
  • PlayUp significantly reduced employees, creating absences for key positions such as head of New Jersey Office, Chief Operations Officer, head of product, head of sportsbook, and head of compliance.
  • PlayUp claims to be investigating a fraud charge but never notified the Division and can’t explain the delay in finalizing the fraud investigation.
  • Failed to fulfill Division request of financial information.

PlayUp is no longer permitted to offer legal New Jersey sports betting after their license revocation by the DGE. PlayUp must honor all existing wagers and withdrawals but are forbidden from accepting new wagers or voiding pending wagers.

Revocation Adds to PlayUp’s Sketchy Track Record

PlayUp’s unknown reasoning for unprovoked company layoffs, non-compliance with submitting employee tax records, and outstanding invoices are just the beginning of their record of untrustworthy behavior.

Its reported that PlayUp failed to honor any legal sports betting withdraws since late June, nearing a month since any player at PlayUp received their requested funds. The sportsbook tried to sell their US business twice, with both deals falling through.

A 2021 attempted deal of $450 million with FTX fell through for unknown reasons, but a later acquisition attempt by SPAC failed due to PlayUp being unable to provide necessary documentation.

PlayUp Sportsbook withdrew their Ohio sports betting license application after it was discovered they accepted prohibited wagers in the state. The antics cost them $120,000 and a four-year application ban from Ohio.

PlayUp Sportsbook was only live in New Jersey and Colorado. The Colorado Division of Gaming approved of PlayUp’s request for their Colorado sportsbook to be put on maintenance mode, which suspends active betting and deposits.

With so many counts of incompetency, this could be the end for PlayUp Sportsbook. The beginning in NJ was less than two years ago.

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