PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy

  • Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks made their official returns to Florida on Monday with new Pick ‘Em style games.
  • Both daily fantasy sports operators launched their new peer-to-peer platforms where players go against each other instead of the house.
  • Florida regulators sent cease-and-desist letters to PrizePicks and Underdog but not DraftKings, seemingly because of the difference between player vs player and player vs house formats.

ORLANDO – Less than two months after officially ceasing to offer wagers in Florida, both PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy make their returns to the Sunshine State with new games. Since the Florida Gaming Commission saw their pick ‘em style entries as a form of legal sports betting, the two daily fantasy sports operators implemented a peer-to-peer format for their new games.

PrizePicks launched their new Pick ‘Em style game, PrizePicks Arena, in Florida on Monday. Players choose the over and under on the statistical projection of a group of athletes, but compete against other players rather than the house.

Underdog Fantasy Implementing Similar Strategy

Underdog Fantasy launched their Pick ‘Em Champions game, a peer-to-peer platform where players compete against other players with statistical predictions. Players compete against each other in tournament style competition where the tournament winner takes home a prize.

Both peer-to-peer platforms feature player props games similar to Florida sports betting options, however, they are clear to launch since they are peer-to-peer fantasy games and don’t involve the house. This also means that Underdog can continue to offer their best-ball contests for the NFL season, and also their daily and weekly drafts that utilized peer-to-peer competition.

The winnings are determined by the outcome of other players in the pool, rather than just being paid out for having a correct entry. Other fantasy sports operators in the state, like DraftKings and Yahoo Sports, offered their fantasy games with no problem since payouts are between players.

This explains why only Underdog Fantasy, Betr, and PrizePicks received cease and desist letters while other daily fantasy sports operators didn’t. Both PrizePicks Arena and Underdog’s Champions games are live in Florida.

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