Sportsbooks are hosting prop bets and interesting betting odds for the Vice Presidential Debate.

  • There are even more odds for the upcoming Vice Presidential Debate.
  • Sports bettors are betting against either candidate testing positive for coronavirus with No being favored at -2000 odds.
  • Kamala Harris has +135 odds to say pray, prayer, prayed, or praying.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – There are even more betting lines available for sports bettors taking action on the Vice Presidential Debate Wednesday night.

Sports bettors are taking action on whether either candidate will test positive for coronavirus, if either candidate will stand up, and there is a prop bet for if Kamala Harris will say pray during the debate.

The Vice Presidential debate odds can be a quick way for sports bettors to cash in on what is estimated to be a contentious debate.

VP Prop Bets

Those betting on the Presidential Election have a seemingly endless selection of betting lines available to them. This debate in particular is bringing out a lot of political bettors.

The first betting line that is attracting a lot of action is whether any candidate will be tested positive for the coronavirus. With the White House currently dealing with an outbreak, it’s an understandable betting line.

Will Harris or Pence test positive for coronavirus?

  • No -2000
  • Yes +700

With Mike Pence already testing negative for the test after Donald Trump’s positive results it is unlikely that he would be positive now. The White House has gone to great lengths to keep him from possible exposure.

The Biden camp has also been protective of Kamala Harris, which is why it makes sense that sports bettors are betting so heavily against a positive test result from either candidate.

Sports bettors are also taking action on whether either candidate will stand up during the debate. The VP debate is done from a desk, unlike the presidential debate.

Will either candidate stand up during the debate?

  • No -2000
  • Yes +700

It is unlikely that there would be a reason for the VP candidates to get up during the debate. The debate would have to be very charged and highly contested for either candidate to feel the urge to stand up. But, political bettors seem to believe that both candidates will maintain their composure and are wagering heavily against the notion.

Finally, sports bettors are taking action on if candidate Harris will say any variation of the word pray during the debate.

Will K.Harris say “pray/prayer/prayed/praying”?

  • No -175
  • Yes +135

This betting line is interesting as it is not farfetched for Kamala Harris to make a statement that would involve the word pray it in. She could theoretically claim she prays for the country during the coronavirus for example.

Still, sports bettors are betting against this happening. This longshot betting line may be interesting to some bettors as it is the most likely possibility of all the current betting lines.

Legal sports betting on the Vice Presidential Debate is a great way to get in on the action during election time. These prop bets and more will be readily available leading up to the debate.

The VP candidates face off Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the only time the VP candidates will face one another.

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