• Micro Markets, an extension of live in-game sports betting will be open in Montana for Super Bowl 55.
  • Sports Bet Montana will now have the micro-market of live wagers introduced to the gamblers of the state for the NFL’s Championship game.

HELENA, Mont. – INTRALOT and Simplebet, two companies that work in sectors of gambling on sports, will be offering live in-game betting in the form of micro-markets to the sports bettors of Montana just in time for Super Bowl 55.

INTRALOT is the supplier for the Montana Lottery and Sports Bet Montana sportsbook platform.

This will allow NFL fans in the state to put money on the Super Bowl for wagers that will show results within minutes, a new and exciting feature for Montanans to try out on the biggest game of the year in professional football.

Simplebet’s Technology In Montana

Big Sky Country’s sports wagering sky just opened up that much more now that Simplebet will give INTRALOT the technology for live in-game gambling.

There is a question about a time delay between wagers and the actual broadcast of the game because every provider is different. Individuals have experienced this problem where a friend sees a play two seconds prior to when their own TV shows the same “live action.”

“What you’re seeing on your betting screen is going to be about seven seconds ahead of what you see on TV,” said Joey Levy, Simplebet cofounder. “But if you’re betting on a drive, that’s fine. Drives are like five minutes. The broadcast latency issue is going to need to be solved for things like pitch result markets that are only active for like 15 seconds.”

How The New Feature In Sports Betting For Montana Should Pan Out

Montana will be the first state in the United States to have Simplebet enter their sports betting market with this new micro-market. After the Super Bowl, live in-game bets will become available for the NBA and MLB games. Then there will be the entire 2021 season of the NFL.

Luckily, for Simplebet, Montana is the perfect state to roll out their product with because of the timing sync issue.

The reason being the Montana sports betting law requires gamblers to be inside licensed facilities to access the sportsbook platform. This means that all sports bettors will view the same timed broadcast for gambling as everyone else to place live wagers as timely as possible.

“That might actually be better for the product,” said Levy. “We’re interested in this launch also because we think the retail experience around, like, standing in front of a kiosk or being at a location, and just having that more as an experiential experience is something quite interesting. It’s not the primary revenue opportunity for us.”

Super Bowl sports betting in Montana has just gotten more exciting. The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. EST on Sunday where the game will be broadcast live on the CBS Network. The Kansas City Chiefs will go up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a chance at back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

And the new deal with Simplebet has the gaming company excited for the engagement that the sports bettors of Montana will now be able to experience.

“Following the successful rollout of our real money betting product in Washington, DC, we’re thrilled to quickly expand our product to Montana alongside our partner, INTRALOT,” said Chris Bevilacqua, co-founder and CEO of Simplebet in a press release. “We’ve seen incredible user engagement thus far and expect to see continued growth with the expansion of in-play betting opportunities that we believe will be integral to the future of the sports gambling and fan engagement paradigm.”

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