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  • Cloakroom is about a month out from receiving their licensing approval from the DC Lottery.
  • Cloakroom would become the first sportsbook in the US that is inside of a strip club.
  • Kiosks and betting windows will start the betting at Cloakroom but mobile betting is a future goal as well.

WASHINGTON – In about a month, the first strip club sportsbook will launch in the US. Cloakroom, the top rated adult entertainment venue in DC, is undergoing the progress to receive a legal sports betting license from the The Office of Lottery and Gaming.

In an interview with LegalSportsBetting, Cloakroom’s co-owner and Sports Gaming Director, Tony Cavasilios expressed his excitement. He answered some questions related to the sportsbook, their job hiring’s, and their future goals.

“We want to provide even more entertainment to our wonderful customer base,” said Cavasilios. “And even bring in others who potentially wouldn’t come in just for the gorgeous entertainers and highend beverages.”

Between security, ticket takers, and hostesses, Cloakroom aims to hire 10 employees focused solely on sports betting.

Cavasilios explained that some have already been hired but the hiring process continues. Any experience is a plus but on-site training will get the future employees where they need to be.

“We can’t wait to take our establishment to the next level of adult entertainment. We were just nominated (for the second time) for best overall gentlemen’s club in the country by ED Publications (gentlemen’s club’s premier publication),” said Cavasilios. “It could be a game changer for the whole industry.”

Tony is not wrong. As the first strip club to host a sportsbook, one assumes many business establishments will look toward gaining a sportsbook license. While some states with sports betting have strict requirements on who can offer bets, states like Montana are similar to Washington DC sports betting, allowing bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to offer sportsbooks.

Cavasilios added that Cloakroom is “in the home stretch” of receiving their license, after applying and paying the necessary fees in spring 2021.

More On The Sportsbook

Using US Bookmaking as the Cloakroom’s odds supplier, the club will offer fair lines in many areas.

“Sports betting will be available on all levels of the club; from the main floor all the way up to our rooftop aka the Over Under Sportsbook and Lounge,” said Cavasilios.

With sportsbook and cigar nights coming soon to the “climate-controlled rooftop sports lounge with a retractable roof & windows system”, sports betting will never be off the table.

The club will start by accepting bets from kiosks and betting windows. But, the addition of mobile sports betting is a focus Cavasilios wants to add later.

Past Attempts Of Strip Club Sportsbooks

While Cloakroom could become the first strip club sportsbook in the US, this isn’t the first attempt at this. Hustler Club in Las Vegas filed an application with the Nevada Gaming Commission in 2014.

In Rhode Island, Overtime Sports Bar accepts mobile bets in the Eldorado Room. However, this is a separate area of the club. This was more of a place to hang out, drink, watch the games. However, no licensing was filed for or granted.

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