Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

  • (D)Raphael Warnock (-200) is favored to defeat (R)Kelly Loeffler (+150) in the Georgia Senate Runoff.
  • President Elect Joe Biden has -225 odds to complete his first term as President.
  • The Republicans have -145 odds to keep control of the US Senate.

ATLANTA — The balance of power in US politics will be decided today as the Georgia Senate runoffs take place. The results of the runoffs will grant the Republicans or Democrats the majority in the Senate.

For the Democrats in particular another win in the state of Georgia would be big for them in completing a full election sweep as they already have control of the White House and House of Representatives.

Also, only a couple weeks remain until the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, as the Trump administration and a handful of Republicans are still contesting the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Georgia Senate Runoffs

There are two Senate races that will shape the future of the US government as Bovada betting lines reflect a win for Democrats in the race between (R)Loeffler and (D)Warnock. While also having a too close to call race between (D)Ossoff and (R)Perdue since both candidates’ odds are shorter than EVEN.

GA Senate Runoff Odds

  • (D)Raphael Warnock -200
  • (R)Kelly Loeffler +150

GA Senate Runoff Odds

  • (R)David Perdue -130
  • (D)Jon Ossoff EVEN

Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have said they’ll contest the US Presidential Election results although there hasn’t been any evidence to support President Trump’s claims.

This might have a negative effect on their Senate races as many voters in Georgia have confidence in the voting systems in place. If the Republicans do fall short in Georgia it’ll be a major disappointment as they’ve kept control of Georgia for the past decade.

Understanding the importance of the Georgia Senate races, both Trump and Joe Biden hit the campaign trail in the Peach State to give support to the Senatorial candidates in their parties.

Georgia voters have already begun casting their votes and finally the 2020 Elections will be over. But, the odds signal that something in Washington won’t change in 2021.

Which Party Will Control The Senate After 2020 Election?

  • Republican Party -145
  • Democratic Party +110

Although Warnock is favored in his race, Ossoff and Perude will likely be the deciding race despite the betting odds being closed. Bovada has the Republican Party coming out of the Senate elections with the majority control -145 odds. If looking to bet on the Democratic Party to complete their election don’t be afraid to take the +110 odds on them to do so.

Presidential Betting Lines

Outside of the Georgia Senate Races there are quite a few betting props around the President Elect and his Vice President. Biden’s Inauguration being only a couple of weeks away has led to BetOnline posting a variety of political props.

Joe Biden to leave office via impeachment?

  • No -1500
  • Yes +600

Early odds show that Biden has a slim chance of being impeached while being the President of the United States. Out of the 45 people elected into presidency, only three have been impeached. While Donald Trump faced the threat of impeachment in his first and only term, there was not enough evidence found in order to do so. For this betting prop, take the -1500 odds on Biden not being impeached while in office.

Will Biden complete first term as U.S. President?

  • Yes -225
  • No +160

Biden is 78 years old and will be taking over a job that is very stressful to say the least. This has led to many believing that he might not make it through his first term. However, if betting on this prop, take the -225 odds that he completes a full first term in office as it’s unlikely that anything will happen to Biden since he will have the best healthcare in the world. Trump, who contracted COVID-19 late last year, was given the best possible treatment during his sickness and made a full recovery.

What Year will Kamala Harris be US President?

  • 2025 +250
  • 2024 +300
  • 2023 +350
  • 2022 +400
  • 2021 +500

Those thinking Biden won’t make it through his first term have an intriguing betting prop here as they can bet on which year Vice President Kamala Harris will take over. The shortest odds for this prop are after the first term of the Biden-Harris administration in 2024 (+300) and 2025 (+250) but if thinking Harris will be the President earlier the return gets even better. For those wanting to throw a dart at this prop take the +350 odds on Harris becoming the President in 2023.

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