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  • The U.S. Supreme Court will meet on June 13 to discuss the Seminole Tribe’s sports betting monopoly in Florida.
  • Opponents of the Florida Gaming Compact between the Seminole Tribe and state of Florida argue that it violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and state constitution.
  • The Supreme Court denies more than 95% of cases they review.

MIAMI – The ongoing battle over legal Florida sports betting rages on with a Supreme Court decision on June 13. At least four Supreme Court justices will need to agree action is necessary in order to reevaluate the Seminole Tribe’s monopoly over legal sports betting in Florida.

West Flagler Associates’ request to have the Supreme Court review a lower court’s decision, legally known as a writ of certiorari, was “distributed for conference” for a June 13 discussion. West Flagler has gone at the “hub-and-spoke” model that allows the Seminole Tribe to offer online sports betting since their servers are on tribal lands, but now the battle has reached a climax.

Will The Supreme Court Grant A Review Of Florida Sports Betting?

The U.S. Supreme Court denies petitions to review a court decision more than 95% of the time because they often focus on narrower issues. However, the court’s decision impacts the future of legal sports betting across the country when considering other states could apply the same strategy to offer online sports betting.

West Flagler and gaming law attorney Daniel Wallach believe the Florida Gaming Compact violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act by deeming off-reservation gaming to somehow be on-reservation.

Even Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that “[i]f the compact authorized the Tribe to conduct off-reservation gaming operations, either directly or by deeming off-reservation gaming operations to somehow be on-reservation, then the compact would likely violate the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, as the District Court explained.”

Unless the Supreme Court reviews the case, tribes in states like Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon and more could offer online sports betting utilizing the same concepts as the Seminole Tribe with their Florida sports betting monopoly.

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