Steve Daines - John Thune

  • Mitch McConnell is stepping down as the Republican minority leader at the end of the year.
  • With odds favoring Republican control, the potential for a new Republican majority leader is possible.
  • Odds favor John Thune, but a bet on Steve Daines and his Senate odds look like a wiser play.

NEW YORKMitch McConnell made headlines in 2023 and with clips of him freezing on the podium and many wondering if he’s fit to serve as the Senate GOP leader.

A post he has been in since 2021, McConnell has already announced he’ll be stepping down claiming his sister-in-law’s death made him consider stepping back.

“I stand before you today … to say that this will be my last term as Republican leader of the Senate.”

But who will be the next Senate Republican leader?

According to the odds at Bovada, John Thune is the frontrunner, though not by a large margin.

Next Senate Republican Leader After Mitch McConnell

  • John Thune -150
  • John Cornyn +350
  • Rick Scott +1500
  • Steve Daines +1500
  • Rand Paul +1800
  • John Barrasso +2000
  • Mike Crapo +2200
  • Joni Ernst +2500
  • Lindsey Graham +2500
  • Tim Scott +2500
  • Tom Cotton +2500
  • Josh Hawley +3000

Announcing his bid to replace McConnell, Thune joins John Cornyn, who has held the role in the past, as the two Senators leading the charge. However, Thune has a slight edge over Cornyn considering Cornyn’s right-wing opposition when working with the Democrats on gun control.

Many others are looking at the odds for John Barrasso to become the next Senate GOP leader after his endorsement from Trump. Touted as a race between the three Johns, Barrasso has stated that his focus is actually on the number 2 spot instead.

But are there any long shots that could surprise?

Ron Johnson isn’t even on the list of favorites, but it isn’t out of the question. Though not being on the 6-member Republican Senate leadership team, Johnson hasn’t denied the desire to take on the role… twice.

Regardless, Steve Daines, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s chairman, could be another name in the mix. With support from Trump as well, Daines has yet to enter the race.

A focus on getting Kari Lake in Arizona has his focused elsewhere at the time but his long political betting odds are worth a unit, assuming he makes the GOP leader position his next priority.

Besides this group, Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio have seen their name connected with the position, but Rubio fails to hold betting odds on the Republican Senate leader position.

Political Betting Strategy

While much can happen in the months leading up to the leadership change, a safe bet is on John Thune at -150 odds.

Because he is the favorite, this does require one to bet 1.5 times their returned investment, but a $150 bet on Thune would see a winning bettor get $250 back, including their risk.

Those looking for more of a lottery-ticket type play, avoid the other Johns and jump on the Steve Daines train.

At +1500 odds, bettors on Daines would see $1500 in profit based on a $100 bet.

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