The Oneida Casino has launched their Oneida Casino Sportsbook App in Wisconsin. The app is the first available in Wisconsin, though it requires bettors to be on casino premises.

  • The Oneida Casino has launched its Oneida Casino Sportsbook App, the first state-regulated mobile sports betting app available in Wisconsin.
  • The app requires in-person account registration, requires bettors to be physically located at a casino to use, and will not offer betting odds on local college sports.

MADISON, Wis. – Sports bettors of Wisconsin now have the option to bet on sports using a mobile device via Oneida Casino, though they will have to be located on-premises at a partnered casino location.

Oneida Casino Sportsbook App Launches In Wisconsin

The launch of the Oneida Casino Sportsbook App will allow bettors to bet on sports using the sportsbook app when located at one of the following casino venues:

  • Oneida Casino Main – Airport
  • IMAC Casino
  • West Mason Casino
  • HWY 54 One-Stop
  • Four Paths One-Stop
  • Westwind One-Stop
  • Packerland Casino & One-Stop
  • HWY 29 Travel Center Casino & One-Stop
  • HWY E & HWY EE One-Stop
  • Larsen One-Stop

While this move can be seen as a step in the right direction for sportsbooks in Wisconsin, it is unlikely to satisfy Wisconsin’s sports bettors, who desire a full-service mobile sports betting market similar to those in other states.

Without the ability to use the Oneida Casino Sportsbook App outside of casino premises, the app is essentially an extension of the casino’s land-based sportsbooks.

To activate an Oneida Casino Sportsbook App account, bettors will need to follow a few steps.

First, they will need to download the Oneida Casino Sportsbook App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, they will need to join the Oneida Players Club at the Main-Airport, West Mason, or IMAC casino locations.

After they do that, players must visit the Main-Airport location and activate their account with a photo ID and cash for their initial deposit. Once that is done, players will be able to wager on sports using the app at any of the participating locations.

Limited Bet Types At Launch, No Badger Bets

According to the Oneida Nation’s webpage, the sportsbook will offer action on professional sporting contests, professional drafts, the Olympics, and nationally-televised award shows.

College athletics will also be offered, but no action will be offered on Wisconsin-based college teams or athletes.

Land-based sports betting has been operational through the Oneida Tribe for nearly three months, providing an idea of what types of bets will be offered on the sportsbook app.

The land-based sportsbooks host a solid selection of traditional bet types, but according to a local FOX affiliate’s interview with Oneida Casino’s Chief Financial Officer Chad Fuss, they do not yet host more extravagant wager types.

“You’ll see standard bets taking place. We haven’t rolled out a lot of the prop bets,” said Fuss.

Once the sportsbook becomes a bit more established, bettors can expect to see prop bets and specials on the sportsbook.

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