XFL commissioner Oliver Luck.

  • XFL is looking to start its first season in February of 2020.
  • The league is showing games to the Nevada Gaming Commission.
  • Sports betting will likely not be integrated into the XFL for the first season.

LAS VEGAS – The XFL will hold a training camp in Las Vegas in January to show off their league to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

A New League To Wager On

The Tampa Bay Times held an extended interview with XFL Commissioner, Oliver Luck. Throughout this interview, Luck revealed how they are planning to get sportsbooks to accept bets on XFL Matches.

At the moment there are eight teams in the XFL. The league has just finished drafting 560 players to all eight teams, giving 70 players to each team. Now that the teams have been drafted, each franchise will commence minicamps to get the players ready.

The Los Angeles Wildcats are one of the teams. Instead of having the minicamp in Los Angeles, they are holding a minicamp in Las Vegas instead. Luck said that the reason for this was to show off the league to the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Although legal sports betting is spreading across the US, Vegas is still considered the sports betting capital of the country. League officials wanted to show the Commission what the XFL is all about.

The reason for that is because the XFL will have different rules compared to the NFL or NCAA football. Some of the different rules include a 25-second play clock, double forward passes, three-point conversions, and more.

Because of the different rules, sportsbooks need to know as much as they can about the XFL so they can offer the right prop bets. Prop bets for the XFL will likely look a bit different when compared to NFL betting odds.

No Integration For Now

Luck specifically mentioned that sports betting integration will likely not happen in the first year of the XFL. Although the XFL wants wagers to happen, they are not prepared to integrate sports betting into the league. The league needs to have a successful inaugural year before they can allow fans to put money down on games.

But integration is entirely possible. Luck said it would likely not be any different than what other sports leagues are currently doing. This could mean teams partnering with sportsbooks. Or it could be trackers installed in the football for more data accuracy for bets.

Either way, the XFL is immediately embracing and encouraging people to wager on their games. The XFL is expected to kick off in early February, after the Super Bowl.

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