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  • Delaware bettors have been extremely successful in the month of February, having two of the four months with a negative total handle.
  • Delaware has recorded three months with a total handle that exceed 25%, all taking place in September and November.

LAS VEGAS – Being the first state to offer regulated sports betting, Nevada has the lowest hold out of any state. The hold is extremely important, being the amount of money from bets that the sportsbooks are keeping from all placed wagers.

Sports betting has become extremely popular in every state in America, but the breakdown of the handle, revenue, and hold, show that some states have more success than others.

Lowest Hold By State

  • Nevada 5.72%
  • Iowa 6.0%
  • Colorado 6.2%
  • New Hampshire 6.5%
  • New Jersey 6.7%

Although there are many states who have recorded low holds and show a lot of success from bettors, there are also states that show they have not had done their research before placing wagers.

Highest Hold By State

  • Delaware 14.9%
  • Montana 13.8%
  • Washington DC 12.7%
  • Arkansas 11.8%
  • Maryland 11.5%

As the current state with the highest hold, there have been many ups and downs for sports bettors throughout Delaware since launching state regulated books in June of 2018. There have been three months since the launch that had extremely high holds, and patterns can be found from the month that bettors were losing the most money, with the sporting events that were taking place.

Betting On The NFL, Increasing The DE Hold

Every sports fan looks forward to September, with the NFL and NCAA Football seasons finally kicking off. Betting on the NFL is one of the biggest sports betting trends, and Delaware bettors’ experiences this first hand.

In September of 2018, Delaware’s total handle saw $23,257,965, which was barely over the combined handle of the previous three months. These same spikes can also be seen throughout November of each year.

Months With Highest Hold In Delaware

  • November 2020 30.2%
  • November 2021 29.3%
  • September 2015 25.7%
  • September 2021 23.4%
  • September 2019 23.6%

Betting On The Super Bowl, Decreasing The DE Hold

However, there were a few months, where the Delaware hold were in the negatives, meaning bettors in Delaware were cashing out. The main months in Delaware with low holds, mostly took place in February. For Delaware bettors, it was a great month that resulted in high payouts.

Sports Betting Holds In February DE

  • February 2019 -5.5%
  • February 2020 -4.2%
  • February 2021 7.9%
  • February 2022 1.0%

To put the Delawares bettors success into perspective for February, a combined 28,943,972 was wagered on sports. For all of this money wagered in every Super Bowl month in DE, the total revenue for all of these months amounted to 1,428,852, showing the success for the February betting.

By taking a look at all of this available data about each states sports betting handle, revenue, and hold, it is clear to see that some states are better at sports betting, and are making sportsbooks payout their bettors big time.

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