• Super Bowl 55 has a number of prop bets listed on sportsbooks for action.
  • There are a handful of longshot wagers that could payout nicely if they win, including the color liquid that will be thrown on the winning coach.

TAMPA, Fla. – Super Bowl Sunday is upon us with bets on the game scattered up and down the field including a couple of longshots that are worth a second glance.

Placing these wagers is always more of a gamble but the price is a higher payout should they hit and the Championship game has quite a few of them to consider when putting money on Sunday’s big matchup. These bets all have odds over (+250) making every dollar wagered worth at least $2.50 in profit.

Best Longshot Bets For Super Bowl 55

The first wager to look at placing at legal online Super Bowl sites is the question of who will win MVP for Super Bowl 55. Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the favorite with odds of (-115) while Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady has taken the second spot with odds of (+200).

However, the third pick is a good longshot choice for this bet in TE Travis Kelce of the Chiefs with odds of (+1000). It should be noted that 30 of the last 54 Super Bowls have had the quarterback position as the MVP winner of the game.

But Kelce has been a headliner for Kansas City all season, coming in clutch and receiving 11 touchdowns in 2020, an all-time career-high

What position will win the MVP award is another bet posted on sportsbooks like Bovada for gamblers to get action on.

The favored position is quarterback because like the Heisman Trophy winner in college, the award typically sees the quarterback as the winner because they lead their team on the field. But historically, wide receivers win a great deal outside of QBs and for SB 55, a wide receiver winning MVP has been given odds of (+550).

If tight end Travis Kelce ends up winning the title, a tight end has odds of (+950). Placing the wager on Kelce and then on a tight end could payout a pretty penny for anyone willing to take the gamble with these two correlated bets. However, hedging with both Kelce and a wide receiver could be a fantastic way to arbitrage bet on the Super Bowl.

Time remaining on the clock after the first score in the first quarter has plenty of options when betting on the Super Bowl. Each slot for choices are in increments of 29 seconds. Last year, the first score of the game happened with 7 minutes and 57 seconds (+1400) left on the clock in the first quarter.

But Tom Brady wasn’t on the field which is a factor to consider because he was able to score on his first drive in his first game as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization. If a team can score within the first minute, odds are set at (+3500). With Brady and Mahomes both on the field, this doesn’t seem impossible but a few early options could go a long way.

What color liquid will be thrown on the winning coach is always a fun prop bet for the Super Bowl and one of the most gambled on wagers each year.

Lime/green/yellow is usually a safe bet as it’s been used the most and this year the odds are at (+333) for it to win. Last year, orange (+160) was thrown on KC coach Andy Reid.

There are three coolers on the NFL sidelines with three different flavored drinks making the color choice a random one that can be seen only at the very end but because this is so random, any pick will payout with the odds each color has been given.

The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 6:30 p.m. EST  from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The CBS Network will be broadcasting the. Pre-game festivities begin at 11:30 a.m. on the same channel and betting on the game can be done until the clock runs out on the board.

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