Arizona Sports Betting

  • Arizona recorded a December 2021 betting handle of $499.2 million.
  • Their December betting revenue was down by 23.2% in December.

PHOENIX – Since launching in September of 2021, sports betting in Arizona has taken off tremendously. In December of 2021, the state totaled a whopping $499.2 million betting handle which resulted in $38.6 million in revenue.

The betting handle from month-to-month rose 7% from November to December as the November legal sports betting handle came in at $466.7 million. Although the betting handle saw a slight increase, the betting revenue saw a sizeable $23.1 million dip being that November saw $50.2 million in revenue.

Of the $38.6 million in revenue in December, $21.3 million of that revenue came from free bets given out as promotions on the online Arizona betting platforms. That said, the revenue excluding free play credits was $17.3 million.

Sticking with the online numbers, online sports betting thrived as $454.9 million was paid out by online sportsbooks to those betting in the Copper State.

Where The Money Came From

Some of the top online sportsbooks in the industry are all live in Arizona including BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings. All three of these skins account for the majority of the Arizona betting revenue. BetMGM saw the smallest betting handle of $103.8 million with revenue of $8.8 million.

With the second-highest betting handle, FanDuel saw $128.5 million with a revenue stream of $10.7 million. The highest recorded betting handle by the Arizona Department of Gaming was from DraftKings who had a $146 million betting handle and $11 million in revenue.

After free promotional bets were taken away, the three combined brought in $15.1 million in revenue. The state collected a total of $1.7 million in taxes.

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