Parlay Patz

  • Ben “Parlay” Patz has been sentenced to 36 months of probation time after over a year of court proceedings.
  • The sports bettor who accumulated over a million dollars in payouts in a 50 day span in 2019 sent death threats to professional athletes that lost him money.
  • Patz will be unable to gamble on sports for the duration of his probation.

TAMPA, Fla. – The infamous Ben Patz, also known as “Parlay Patz”, was dealt a 36-month probation sentence on Thursday by a federal court in Tampa. The sports bettor was charged with sending death threats via social media platforms, more specifically on Instagram, to professional athletes in February of last year.

Patz rose to fame in 2019 for becoming a millionaire in a matter of 50 days through a string of parlay bets, which is what landed him his handle of “Parlay Patz”. His story was even more interesting as he wagered with mobile sportsbooks from a parking lot in New Jersey, crossing the bridge from New York to access these platforms.

However, the young sports bettor soaked up the spotlight and winning so much that he went over the top when he lost bets he’d placed. He fell into the trap of believing his own hype and started sending death threats to those he felt were responsible for his losses.

The Decline Of Parlay Patz

Patz believed he found the correct formula to winning large sums of cash from parlaying his bets. The formula? Only wager on the moneyline for sporting events. This quickly skyrocketed the gambler to fame and fortune until he hit a cold streak. Rather than retire as he said he would after becoming a millionaire, he shifted out of the limelight simply because he began to lose.

Those losses did not go over well with Patz and he began to send a variety of death threats to players who he believed contributed to losing the games he wagered on which ultimately made him lose as well. Some of the threats on record during his hearings were quite brutal.

“I will sever your neck open you pathetic c**tbag”

“I will enter your home while you sleep and sever your neck open”

“I will kill your entire family”

“Everyone you love will soon cease”

“I will cut up your family and dismember them alive.”

He was charged in February and then arrested in March of 2020, having his career in the regulated sports betting community ceased completely. One year after his arrest, the 24 year old pleaded guilty to the charges against him in open court and even expressed regret for his actions. This may have contributed to his probation sentence rather than jail time, putting the gambler back on a winning streak of sorts once again.

Ending His Five Minutes Of Fame

“In open court this morning, Mr. Patz expressed remorse for his actions and the hurt he caused and apologized to anyone who received one of his messages or was otherwise adversely affected by them,” said David Weisbrod, Patz’s attorney. “He is also grateful for the court’s decision to place him on probation. Other than that, there will be no other comments.”

During his probation, Patz must refrain from any type of gambling. He will serve six months of at home detention as a part of his 36 month probation. He will also be required to enter a mental health treatment program for the duration of his sentence. His life as Probation Patz has begun.

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