TJ Cox vs. David G. Valadao

  • With the election looming, betting odds are heating up for house seats in big battleground states, like California’s TJ Cox (D) getting -185 odds to beat David Valadao (R).
  • New York is one of the most important elections, with Max Rose (D) favorited over Nicole Malliotakis (R) at -160, and Anthony Brindisi (D) at -275 to defeat Claudia Tenney (R).
  • In Florida, Debbie Mucarsei-Powell (D) is a big -240 favorite over Carlos Gimenez (R).

WASHINGTON D.C. – Election day is officially here this Tuesday, and with it comes the races for Congressional and House of Representative seats individual state states.

Across the country, people are preparing to head out to the polls or tune it to see how power shifts in their state following the election.

Those looking to bet on the election can do so via the legal online sportsbooks. These sites have full betting odds for each state’s big races, as well as the Presidential election.

When it comes to the US House election, things are getting interesting in the battleground states of California, Florida, New York, and Texas.


Odds To Win California’s 21st Congressional District House Race

  • TJ Cox (D) -185
  • David G. Valadao (R) +140

Odds To Win California’s 25th Congressional District House Race

  • Christy Smith (D) -220
  • Mike Garcia (R) +165

California is traditionally a very blue state, which is why the democratic candidates come in as leaders to win their elections.

TJ Cox is the incumbent and will go up against David Valadao in a rematch of a 2018 election. Valadao lost his seat to Cox in 2018 and is looking to get back into the House.

For the 25th seat, Mike Garcia is looking to defend the seat he has held for just 229 days. Former congresswoman Katie Hill had given up her seat with the presumption that Christy Smith would easily win her election to take over. Instead, Garcia won, and will now defend his seat against Smith who has the backing of Hill at her side.


Odds To Win Florida’s 26th Congressional District House Race

  • Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) -240
  • Carlos Gimenez (R) +175

In Florida, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is going up against democratic congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. Mucarsel-Powell took the seat in 2019 from Republican Carlos Curbelo, and is looking to hold onto the position going forward.

The race is considered a toss-up with both candidates spending millions of dollars in TV attack ads that even targeted family members of the politicians.

New York

Odds To Win New York’s 11th Congressional District House Race

  • Max Rose (D) -160
  • Nicole Malliotakis (R) +120

Odds To Win New York’s 22nd Congressional District House Race

  • Anthony Brindisi (D) -275
  • Claudia Tenney (R) +200

In New York, Max Rose faces Nicole Malliotakis for the 11th state district in Staten Island. While Rose has the lead to retain his seat, no Democratic member of Congress has won a second term on Staten Island since John Murphy did so in 1981.

Rose will have a chance to do so on election day.

Meanwhile, Anthony Brindisi takes on Claudia Tenney in the 22nd district. Brindisi defeated Tenney in 2018 by less than two percent of votes as the Democrats regained control of the House, and is the big political betting favorite to retain his seat.


Odds To Win Texas’ 21st Congressional District House Race

  • Chip Roy (R) -120
  • Wendy Davis (D) -110

Odds To Win Texas’ 22nd Congressional District House Race

  • Sri Preston Kulkarni (D) -190
  • Troy Nehls (R) +145

Odds To Win Texas’ 24th Congressional District House Race

  • Candace Valenzuela (D) -185
  • Beth Van Duyne (R) +140

Over in the Lone Star State, there are three different congressional races available to bettors.

While Texas is typically a red state, the democratic candidates are the betting favorites in two out of three of these races.

Two Austin-based politicians go up against each other with Chip Roy and Wendy Davis. Both politicians are deeply entrenched in their party’s viewpoints and have spent millions of dollars in ads vilifying the other candidate.

In Houston, Republican Troy Nehls is a former police officer who is campaigning on the basis of social justice issues but from the perspective of a friend of the police. He goes up against Democrat Sri Preston Kulkarni who is bringing up Nehls’s former incidents as a police officer as a means of attack.

Meanwhile, two powerful women who represent polar opposite bases go against each other in the race between Candace Valenzuela and Beth Van Duyne. Valenzuela has the lead thanks to her strong stance against racism in light of the country’s recent political climate.

With so much of the focus being on the presidential election odds, these betting lines have been largely overlooked. However, they also feature some of the tightest odds for Election Day and could easily be parlayed for a huge payout.

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