• The Arizona Department of Gaming closed its public opinion window for sports betting rules and regulations on Monday.
  • The Maine State Legislature passed sports gaming measure LD 1352 on Friday to regulate mobile and retail sportsbooks in the state but it still requires the signature of Governor Janet Mills to become law.
  • The Senate of Canada is in the last week of its 2021 session and is expected to vote on Bill C-218 that would amend the Criminal Code of the country and open sports wagering to any province interested.

PHOENIX – As lawmakers are either wrapping up their 2021 sessions or halfway through them, regulated sports betting legislation has been a huge topic of conversation nationwide.

Even Canada has jumped on the sports gaming bill train with their deadline on a decision fast approaching. There are a few things happening this week in the world of sports wagering worth being on the radar of any sports bettor in the game.

Arizona Closes Public Opinion Window For Sports Betting On Monday

Arizona closed out its sports wagering rules and regulations window on Monday. The window was held virtually in three-hour spurts twice a day for six days.

There was much to be desired within the 13-page draft put out by the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG). Now the ADG will take the public’s comments and opinions into consideration to revise their rules and regulations for sports betting before making them permanent and submitting them to Governor Doug Ducey for his approval.

The sports gaming market for Arizona is expected to launch on September 9, the opening day for the 2021 NFL season.

The Maine State Legislature Moves Sports Gaming Bill To Governor

The Maine State Legislature went beyond their session’s last day, rolling over into the early morning hours of the next day for what would be known as a special session to pass LD 1352 on Friday.

Under this measure, there would be a regulated industry consisting of eight retail sportsbooks and 24 mobile sportsbooks. As of Tuesday, the bill had not yet reached Governor Janet Mills’ desk. Once it does, she has four days to approve or veto the legislation. Should she not act at all, the Maine sports betting bill ultimately dies for 2021.

What’s Happening With Canada Sports Betting, Eh?

The Senate of Canada was supposed to convene on Monday to have a third and final reading of Bill C-218 to amend the Criminal Code and allow for sports betting. This reading will end in a vote but was rescheduled for Tuesday. Should the majority of Senate members be in favor, Canada will have a regulated sports betting market in any province that wishes to open one.

The proposal allows for both retail and mobile sportsbook platforms. Some Canadian betting provinces have been gearing up for a favorable vote in order to go live with gambling on sporting events toward the end of the year if not by early 2022.

Looking Ahead

More regulatory sports betting news will be occurring in the weeks ahead as states either close out their sessions for the year or go more in-depth as they’re right in the middle of discussions for 2021.

For the year as a whole, there have been plenty of states regulating sports betting industries nationwide with that trend looking to continue as time goes on and talks with lawmakers ensue.

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