New York mobile sportsbooks

  • North Carolina’s expanded sports betting bill SB 688 was voted on and passed in the Senate.
  • Massachusetts sports betting bill HB 3977 remains stalled in the legislation.
  • Maryland is to miss the start of the NFL season as the sports betting rules remain unfinalized.

RALEIGH, N.C. – The regulated sports betting market has seen a lot of events take place in recent news with both good and bad news for local betting fans.

Some states like South Dakota and North Carolina have seen success and movement for their sports betting bills, while others such as Massachusetts and Maryland have been hit with drawbacks.

New York has progressed along building its mobile sports betting industry while Oregon is also celebrating two years of legal sports betting with its local tribal sportsbook.

New Markets Advance

The North Carolina sports betting bill, SB 688 successfully passed in the Senate to a 24-19 vote after its final debate on Thursday.

With this passing, local bettors may see new mobile sportsbooks launching as the bill allows for up to 12 sports betting licenses to be issued out. Bettors can expect to see mobile sportsbooks launch by January 1, 2022, if the House also approves the bill.

South Dakota is also seeing advances in its betting market. Sports betting is gearing up to launch in time for the 2021 NFL season and two local sportsbooks already have a partnership with BetMGM.

Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort and Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort in Deadwood will both be launching BetMGM sportsbooks on their premises. Additionally, mobile betting will be available while on resort grounds.

Setbacks In Other Markets

Maryland sports betting will unfortunately not be live in time for early NFL betting as the final rules have not yet been set.

The rules are still being reviewed by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission and the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission held its first meeting on August 16.

Once the rules are finalized, there is still a required 30-day period for public comment. Maryland still aims to be live at some point during the NFL season, however.

The Massachusetts sports betting bill, HB 3977 continues to be stalled in the legislation. The bill passed in the House, but has not yet been reviewed or even discussed in the Senate.

The Senate has gone on summer break, leaving the bill to remain until they reconvene in the fall. There is also SB 269, the very similar Senate curated bill that likely explains the lack of urgency surrounding the House bill.

Sports Betting Anniversary

The Oregon sports betting market is coming up on its official two-year anniversary on Thursday. Oregon has seen moderate success in the two years since the market went live.

The Oregon Lottery has reported sports betting handles as high as over $30 million, a feat they have accomplished despite the limited mobile betting options.

Currently, only the Oregon Lottery run Scoreboard is the only available sportsbook to offer its mobile betting app statewide. Otherwise, retail betting at the local tribal casinos is available.

Lawmakers have pushed HB 2127 which would expand the local betting market. The bill has not yet been voted on, but could see fully commercial mobile betting in Oregon this time next year.

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