Primary voting is being delayed due to the Coronavirus.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden has been winning more states than his sole competitor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries.
  • Polls for states that have not yet voted are increasingly being postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Sportsbooks are still favoring no brokered convention at -1900 odds.

ATLANTA – Upcoming Democratic Primary voting has been suspended in many states because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but will this shift the odds for a brokered convention?

If the candidates do not receive enough delegates during the primary voting phase, a brokered convention would be necessary to get a name on the 2020 Presidential ballot to represent the Democratic party.

Brokered conventions are essentially a “re-vote” which would allow states that have already voted and chosen their candidate to be able to change their pick should they want to.

Democratic Odds

Former Vice President Joe Biden (-1400) remains the heavy favorite to win the Democratic candidacy against his opponent, Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders (+2500). Biden has been consistent in winning over more states that have already voted in their primaries.

He’s also managed to get a couple of big swing states on his side, including Florida and Michigan. The last delegate count had Biden with 1215 while Sanders had 909.

These numbers may mean nothing if the COVID-19 outbreak leads to a brokered convention. A candidate must be selected by July during the Democratic National Convention but some states are pushing back their primary votes to as late as June, cutting it very close to the deadline.

“This pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives and every aspect of this campaign,” said Biden on Tuesday.

Odds of a brokered convention happening (+750) are low at this point but all of the recent postponements could move those lines in favor of a future convention.

Currently, odds for regular primary votes to be enough to select a candidate are the way that bookmakers are leaning at -1900 odds.

What This Could Mean

It isn’t only about whether or not the odds will shift to hold a brokered convention but what holding such a convention will mean. Being able to change their stance on candidates could change the path of the presidential election odds entirely.

While Biden is the favorite to win, that could all change because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Campaign speeches for both candidates have also been suspended for the most part because of the health risk involved. Biden and Sanders are following the CDC guidelines when it comes to their campaigns.

This halts all progress for each man until further notice. Biden has been on such a hot streak lately that this could potentially hurt the momentum he’s been building so quickly over the past month.

States that have decided to move their voting dates include Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Puerto Rico, and Wyoming.

The pandemic has now reached the 2020 Presidential Election for the United States. All of these late changes could really cause a shakeup of what could’ve been to what will now be because of COVID-19 in regards to which candidate makes it to the Presidential ballot to face off with President Donald Trump.

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