Washington D.C.

  • Political betting fans are placing action on if Washington DC will be granted statehood by 2022.
  • The House of Representatives has voted in favor of making the nation’s capital the 51st state and is now awaiting the Senate vote.
  • Washington DC has more residents than all of Wyoming and Vermont.

WASHINGTON – The grueling debate surrounding whether or not Washington DC should be a state has now reached legal sports betting sites as political bettors are taking action.

The House of Representatives has already voted in favor of Washington DC becoming the 51st state, but the Senate still has to vote in favor.

Most action is being placed against DC being granted statehood before 2022 at legal sports betting sites, but there are reasons for longshot betting fans to lean in on these odds.

Why It Might Happen

Washington D.C. to Achieve Statehood before 2022?

  • No -2000
  • Yes +700

While the odds are leaning heavily against the likelihood of DC being granted statehood, there are reasons for optimism as several key figures have spoken up in favor of the bill, and the successful passing in the House shows some interest.

The bill is being heavily supported by the Democratic Party and heavily opposed by the Republican Party. What’s working in the bill’s favor is that the Democrats have the majority in both the House and Senate.

The Democrats holding the majority in the House is likely what allowed the bill to pass, despite the major objections from the Republicans.

In addition, the argument the Democrats are using to support the statehood of the Nation’s Capital is that DC’s population is bigger than multiple states. Washington DC has more residents than all of Wyoming and Vermont.

This is an argument that is hard to refute on the other side. There are more residents, but they have no representation compared to states with fewer residents that are still afforded Senators and House Reps.

This could sway the vote in the Senate, and lead to an upset for those taking the longshot political odds.

Why It Likely Won’t Happen

Unfortunately, even with the Democratic Party having the Senate majority, it is only a marginal advantage as in order for a bill to pass. It must be a three-fourths majority, meaning that some Republicans will have to agree with the bill.

This is unlikely to happen, as Washington DC’s population is mostly diverse, young, and college-educated, which are the main groups that vote Democrat.

Essentially, a 51st state would give the Democrats two more Senators and one more House Rep., and the Republicans have no reason to vote in favor of that outcome.

“The momentum behind it, I think, is kind of at the high water mark that it’s ever been, which is not nearly high enough to get it passed,” said David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post. “It’s just passed the House of Representatives. I don’t think it has the support to overcome the filibuster in the Senate. In fact, I know it doesn’t because I think everybody recognizes it would add two more Democratic senators and one more Democratic representative. The Republicans who make up almost half of the Senate would not — or half of the Senate — would not want that.”

Anything can happen, however, and Washington DC could very well become a state by year’s end. No date has been set as of yet for when the Senate will vote so betting fans should jump on this betting line now before news shortens the odds.

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