Parlay Patz has been charged with making threats to athletes.

  • Ben Patz has been charged with threatening the lives of athletes and their families through Instagram messages.
  • Patz rose to fame at the end of 2019 with betting the moneyline for parlay bets that made him a millionaire in six weeks’ time.
  • Before learning how to win, he suffered a string of losses that led him to send threatening messages to those he felt cost him the loss.

MIAMI – Ben “Parlay Patz” Patz has been charged with threatening to harm athletes and their families through acts of violence by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Florida by U.S. Attorney Maria Chapa. The sports bettor had his claim to fame in late 2019 when he became a millionaire in a little over a month with a series of winning parlay bet.

That’s where he got the name “Parlay Patz.”

However, it seems Patz went a little bats crazy and threatened the lives of athletes and their families via social media. By all accounts, Patz does not like to lose and he threatened both collegiate and professional players through personal and burner Instagram account messages when his wagers didn’t pan out.

A total of 18 messages were written before the time that his millionaire status came to popularity.

The Instagram Threats

Beginning in March, before anyone even knew his name, Patz lost a bet when Pepperdine’s basketball team crushed San Francisco by a score of 89-72. He would go on to write a message to Colbey Ross, a player at Pepperdine that contributed to the win. His three-sentence message stated:

“Your throat will be severed open with a dull knife. Your entire family will be beheaded and burned alive. I will enter your home as you sleep and kill you.”

In July, while he was still just known as Ben Patz, he wrote to players in the MLB, one from the Toronto Blue Jays, one from the Tampa Bay Rays and one from the Atlanta Braves. The Instagram messages said:

“I will behead you n****r, I will gas your daughters and then sever their throats open with a dull knife,” was said to a Toronto Blue Jay.

“Your family will be beheaded,” was the message that a Tampa Bay Rays player received.

“I’ll behead you and your family. I’ll sever your neck open with a dull knife,” was the message sent to an Atlanta Braves player.

Many other messages were sent to various athletes for which Patz is being charged. The charges will be seen as transmitting threats by way of the internet.

The penalty would be five years in prison where Parlay Patz may need to come up with a need strategy for winning.

No comment has been made by the sports bettor on the charges against him, as this story is still developing.

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