• The Pittsburgh Penguins have tweeted out various bets for fans.
  • The NHL has a few different sports betting partners.
  • The NHL now views sports betting as good for hockey.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – The Pittsburgh Penguins have embraced sports betting by tweeting out various bets in the last month.

Early in October, the Penguins twitter account tweeted a bet for people to wager on. The tweet had the fact that their goalie, Matt Murray, had a .933 SV%. The tweet then asked if fans thought that in the next game if Murray would be over or under that percentage. They then linked to Bet Rivers online sportsbook, so fans could actually wager on that prop.

A week later, the Penguins twitter account made a similar tweet.

Although the Penguins have had not made many other sports betting tweets, this is a change from the usual. With the overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), various leagues have embraced sports betting. Although the NHL used to be against sports betting, that has since changed.

The NHL has joined forces with multiple sports betting partners such as William Hill. It is not just the NHL league that have created sports betting partnerships. Teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers have their own partnerships in place.

The Penguins have not created a new sports betting relationship since the repeal of PASPA. However, the Penguins already had an existing relationship with Rivers Casino. Now that Rivers Casino has its own sportsbook, the Penguins can promote various bets on Twitter.

“Our team would have worked with them on the content, and then once we develop a plan, then it is entirely on the Penguins to go and execute that plan,” said Terra Kalna, vice president of sales and broadcasting for the Penguins.

This partnership between the Penguins and Bet Rivers is due to the fact that sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania. As more states legalize sports betting, more teams in the NHL will likely create sports betting partnerships and in turn do some free networking for the sportsbooks.

Existing partnerships will probably evolve to include legal sports betting much as it did for the Penguins; therefore, expect teams to continue to tweet promotions, bonuses, and prop bets for their partnered casinos and sportsbooks.

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