Election Recap

  • Democrats are favored at -800 odds to win Michigan.
  • Toby Tuberville was given -714 odds to win Alabama.
  • Susan Collins has +163 longshot odds to win the Maine senate seat.

WASHINGTON – The election has already managed to run profitable to many early bettors and the betting lines are continuing. Many states have already had their votes accounted for but several senate races are heating up.

Some upsets are seemingly in the works, and sports bettors who took the odds before and during Election Day have woken up a little richer.

The election is not yet over and there are several key betting lines still very much available for sports bettors to put action on.

Senate Races

Those who bet on Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Kentucky have already seen the results of their wagers.

Sports bettors who took the favorite in these states cashed in, specifically in Alabama and Colorado were the clear favorite won by a large margin of victory.

Alabama Senate Odds And Results

  • Tommy Tuberville 60.4% (-714)
  • Doug Jones 39.6% (+400)

Colorado Senate Odds And Results

  • John Hickenlooper 53.9% (-588)
  • Cory Gardner 44% (+400)

There is still a plethora of states that are counting votes, however, and underdog bettors may still cash in on their bets.

Maine, for example, currently has Republican candidate Susan Collins in a strong lead with 85% reporting over Sara Gideon, who had the shortest odds at legal sports betting sites prior to election day.

Maine Senate Odds And Race (At Time Of Writing)

  • Susan Collins 50.9% (+163)
  • Sara Gideon 42.5% (-227)

Another longshot Senate Race betting line to look at is Republican Candidate John James in Michigan. James currently is in the lead with 93% reporting despite being the clear underdog at online sportsbooks.

Michigan Senate Odds And Race (At Time Of Writing)

  • John James 48.3% (+225)
  • Gary Peters 48.8% (-345)

Gubernatorial Elections

Sports bettors who took action on the 11 states with Governor Elections have already managed to cash in as the results have been set.

By the results, those who took action on the favorites managed to cash in on their bets. The favored candidates in Indiana, Missouri, and Montana all had resounding victories.

Indiana Governor Race Odds And Results

  • Eric Holcomb 57.7% (-2500)
  • Woodrow Myers 30% (+2200)

Indiana has been a historically Republican voting state for governors, having done so every year since 2004 and it continues with this election. This is also the home of VP Mike Pence, which would explain why Eric Holcomb was so heavily favored.

Missouri Governor Odds And Results

  • Mike Parson 57.2% (-2900)
  • Nicole Galloway 40.6% (+900)

Interestingly enough, while Mike Parsons was heavily favored as the Republican candidate, Missouri has throughout many elections swapped between parties.

They have voted republican in every Presidential Election since the turn of the century, however, which would explain why sports bettors were so heavy in favor of Parsons winning.

Montana Governor Odds And Results

  • Greg Gianforte 54.1% (-575)
  • Mike Cooney 42.1% (+360)

This is a rare instance where the state was favored to flip allegiances in the Governor race. Montana has voted Democrat in their last four Gubernatorial races. Sports bettors still foresaw Greg Gianforte flipping the state, however.

Gubernatorial betting in 2020 has proven to be a profitable outing for betting on the favorite. Sports bettors who took action early at legal betting sites are already reaping the benefits.

Battle For Swing States

As the main Presidential Election raises on, both candidates are neck and neck so far with the Election possible to go either way. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have become the deciding factors in the election.

While Biden was favored to win all three states, underdog bettors who picked Trump may be cashing in big as the races are currently too close to call as of yet and Trump is currently leading in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Election Odds And Race (At Time Of Writing)

  • Trump 54% (+140)
  • Biden 44.8% (-170)

Donald Trump shocked the world in 2016 by winning Pennsylvania by less than 2%. Sports bettors expected that since the winning margin was so low that Biden would be able to reclaim the Keystone state.

However, Trump currently has a comfortable lead over Biden, and underdog bettors are looking to be cashing in big once the results are finished counting on Friday. It seems the Blue Wall is no more.

Michigan Election Odds And Race (At Time Of Writing)

  • Biden 49.5% (-300)
  • Trump 48.9% (+240)

The Democrats lost Michigan by an all-time margin of only 0.2% in the last election. Like Pennsylvania, sports bettors expected the democratic party to reclaim the state. While Biden is in the lead currently, the margin is small which gives hope to longshot bettors who wagered Trump.

Wisconsin Election Odds And Race (At Time Of Writing)

  • Biden 49.6% (-285)
  • Trump 48.9% (+225)

While Biden has a small lead in Wisconsin, the election is far from over. Sports bettors were not expecting this to go down to the wire. Donald Trump continues to threaten the foundation of the Blue Wall regardless of how sports bettors were leaning.

Presidential Odds

Both Presidential Candidates need to win two of the three swing states in order to claim the presidency as they are neck and neck in electoral votes currently. Sports bettors have been wagering frantically, and on the edge of their seats while the results were coming in.

While Biden was the -200 favorite to win prior to Election Day, those betting on the 2020 Presidential Election managed to see the odds shift in Trump’s favor drastically, with the President becoming the heavy favorite at one point.

The odds have rebalanced, however, and Biden is yet again favored at legal sports betting sites. The more voting results come in, the more sports bettors place their bets.

US Presidential Election 2020 Odds To Win

  • Joe Biden -475
  • Donald Trump +330

The Election is not over as of yet, however, as many mail-in votes still need to be counted. There is a strong possibility that Donald Trump could take the win and his longshot odds may not be any better than they are now for sports bettors.

Presidential Election Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Biden 238
  • Trump 213

The election has been filled with surprises, upsets, and several clear winners. Who will take the win in the end?

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