Tom Brady

  • Tom Brady is 60% ATS all-time in the regular season and 53% all-time in the postseason.
  • Brady has won six of the nine Super Bowls he has played in.
  • Sports bettors would be up to $5,850 if they wagered $100 on every game Brady has started in his career.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – Super Bowl 55 is only a few days away and sports bettors are already wagering on either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While the Chiefs are the current favorites at -167 on online sportsbooks, history has shown that betting against a Tom Brady team isn’t the best decision.

Throughout Brady’s career, he has accumulated more Super Bowl wins than any other quarterback. Brady also has a strong record against the spread, showing that sports bettors who bet on Brady end up winning more often than not.

Betting On Brady

The Buccaneers star QB has would have now spent half of his entire 20 season career making it to the Super Bowl with Super Bowl 55.

This means if players wagered on a Tom Brady team to make the Super Bowl every season, they would have won 50% of the time.

Of the nine Super Bowls Brady has played in so far, he has won six of them, a 66.7% Super Bowl win rate. Brady’s winning percentages do not stop there, however.

Looking at the 20-year veteran’s career, NFL bettors who wagered on Brady have cashed in more often than they have lost.

If someone were to have bet $100 on Brady to win every game on the Moneyline he has started in his entire career, they would be up to $5,850.

Brady’s record ATS is even more impressive. For his career, the three-time league MVP is 200-135-8 against the spread in his career for both the regular season and the postseason. This is a 58.3% winning percentage ATS.

Looking at these numbers, it is understandable why sports bettors constantly wager on the six-time Super Bowl champion, even when he is the underdog.

“He is what Michael Jordan was to basketball,” said Dave Sharapan, Las Vegas oddsmaker. “It doesn’t matter what the line is. There are guys that just defy logic and attract action. Whatever you think the number is on a Brady game, you have to add a point or two every time and even that might not be enough. It hasn’t changed because he’s in a Tampa uniform either.”

While Brady’s accomplishments in the regular season and playoffs are amazing, the QB’s Super Bowl accomplishments are the main reason why sports bettors are confident in a Brady led team to pull through.

Super Bowl Brady

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl stats put him in a class of his own with both his wins as well as his individual play during the Super Bowl.

Here are a few of the all-time Super Bowl accomplishments the QB has done in his career.

Most Super Bowl Starts (QB)

1. Tom Brady – 10
2. John Elway – 5
3. Joe Montana – 4
4. Peyton Manning – 4
5. Terry Bradshaw – 4
6. Jim Kelly – 4
7. Roger Staubach – 4

Most Super Bowl Wins (QB)

1. Tom Brady – 6
2. Joe Montana – 4
3. Terry Bradshaw – 4
4. Troy Aikman – 3

Most Pass Completions In Super Bowl History

1. Tom Brady – 256
2. Peyton Manning – 103
3. Kurt Warner – 83
4. Joe Montana – 83
5. Jim Kelly – 81

Most Passing Yards In Super Bowl History

1. Tom Brady – 2,838
2. Kurt Warner – 1,156
3. Joe Montana – 1,152
4. John Elway – 1,128
5. Peyton Manning – 1,001

Most Passing Touchdowns In Super Bowl History

1. Tom Brady – 18
2. Joe Montana – 11
3. Terry Bradshaw – 9
4. Roger Staubach – 8
5. Kurt Warner – 6
6. Steve Young – 6

Tom Brady’s performance in the Sper Bowl speaks for itself. This is why, despite being the underdog team, many sports bettors are wagering heavily on the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl. One bettor even dropped 2.3 million on the Buccaneers to pull the upset.

Brady’s run to another Lombardi Trophy won’t be easy, however, as the Kansas City Chiefs boasted the best record in the regular season and are the current defending champs. This could be Brady’s toughest Super Bowl matchup yet.

Super Bowl 55 Matchup

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Moneyline: Chiefs -167, Buccaneers +147
  • Spread: Chiefs -3
  • Totals: Over/Under 56

There is a reason why the Kansas City Chiefs are the current favorite at legal sports betting sites. The team finished with a 14-2 record and star QB Patrick Mahomes was the MVP favorite for most of the season.

Mahomes finished the season with the second-most passing yards at 4,740, the fourth most TD’s at 38, and had the second-best QBR at 82.9.

The Chiefs are also the current defending Super Bowl Champions, and many believe should be two-time Champs if not for a pre-snap penalty against the then Tom Brady led New England Patriots.

The Chiefs also beat Tampa 27-24 when they faced one another in the regular season. While the score may seem close, Kansas City actually held a strong lead throughout the game with the Buccaneers fighting to close the gap in the fourth quarter and failing to do so.

The numbers show that the Chiefs should be viewed as the team with the best shot at winning come Super Bowl Sunday, but Tom Brady has defied the odds throughout his career.

As we have seen, Brady wins more than he loses and betting on Brady has proven to be a good idea. The Buccaneers were also the underdogs against the New Orleans Saints as well as in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

Whether he is the favorite or the underdog, Tom Brady has spent his entire career showing why he is always the best bet.

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