Last updated on: May 17th, 2022

Legal Sports Betting In Argentina

Legal sports betting in Argentina is a major market that has been active for years. Argentina regulates sports betting by individual provinces, similar to how the United States does it by state. This means you will be able to find regulated betting operations in some areas, like the country’s capital Buenos Aires, while other provinces do not have regulated betting. The provinces that offer sports betting are licensed through the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires Online sportsbooks are able to operate in all provinces as well. This allows sports bettors in all of Argentina’s access to sports betting.

There is no maximum as to how many licenses can be given to businesses that wish to operate a sportsbook. However, they have to meet a minimum of 20 different requirements within the application process in order to become licensed. After they are legally allowed to operate, they are then required to pay 25% to the Province tax authority. According to the 2019 Tax Act, not only will 25% of revenue go to the authority, but they will also open up an Online Gaming Licenses Registry in order to keep track of all licensed operators of Argentina sports betting.


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Is Sports Betting Legal In Argentina?

Argentina regulates sports betting city-by-city as opposed to state-by-state. Some cities offer regulated sports betting to all residents and tourists alike who are at least 18 years old or older. With online sports betting in Argentina, this also differs from city to city. These books are only accessible in their region, as the regulated books will not accept wagers from patrons outside of the area. Online betting sites offer an alternative to this problem, with sportsbooks that can be accessed from throughout the country. These books are licensed in their own markets and are able to operate in Argentina legally as Argentina legislation does not outlaw international sportsbooks.

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl In Argentina

Thanks to legal sports betting sites, anywhere you are in Argentina is a place you can bet on the Super Bowl. As the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, international online sportsbooks offer the best possible odds you can find for the big game. These sportsbooks are accessible on most smartphones and tablets, offering true mobile on the go anytime anywhere sports betting. Online sportsbooks like BetOnline host Super Bowl odds throughout the football year, with futures betting available at the start of the NFL season. If you are betting on the Super Bowl in Argentina, then online sportsbooks are the best places to go.

Argentina Sports Betting Markets

By far the Argentina sports betting market is led by their number one sport, soccer. Soccer reigns supreme for not just wagering on the events, but also the fanbase itself. Lionel Messi, a forward for the Argentinean team is like a God in the country. Many sports bettors lay down wagers on him during the soccer season as well as on the team in general. For all legal sports betting operators in the country, the soccer season is their busiest time. The government expects to profit in the range of $13.5 million from soccer wagers alone because soccer is to Argentina what football is to the United States.

After soccer, the second most bet on sport in Argentina is basketball. The headquarters for the basketball team is in Buenos Aires, so the fan base of bettors is already present. Wagers are also placed on boxing, swimming, and automobile racing as well as other sports like tennis and horse racing.

Where Argentina Sports Betting Revenue Goes

The Argentinian government collects 25% of all sports betting revenue in the form of taxes. Of this, 15% is collected as a general income tax, 8% is allocated based on whatever activity generated the revenue, and 2% is collected as a licensing fee. Municipalities that host sportsbooks collect 10% of these licensing fees. Buenos Aires officials have not yet disclosed where this tax revenue goes, but if it follows similar models in other countries, it is likely that this money will go toward improvements to infrastructure and education. While sports betting in Argentina is limited in scope at the moment, advocates have been pushing for the country to adopt a universal legal sports betting platform nationwide. This would create a potentially massive revenue stream for the entire country and would help consolidate sports betting law and make it easier to understand.  

Legal Sports Betting In Argentina FAQs

What Are The Best Betting Sites In Argentina?

There are provinces in Argentina where local sports betting sites are available to residents. You would need to be in the area to access these sites and join them. But many of the best betting sites in Argentina are located offshore. Some of the top internet sportsbooks for gamblers in the country are also the same that are popular in the United States. These sites include BetNow, Bovada, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and XBet. All of these sports betting sites are not only top-notch for those living in Argentina but around the world. Websites listed above all legally accept bettors from the country to join and participate in wagering on sporting events.

Which Banking Methods Are Accepted At Argentina Sportsbooks?

Banking methods that are accepted at Argentina’s sportsbooks are in large supply. Forms of deposit include Visa and Mastercard, Bitcoin, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill. Once you’re a member of a sports wagering website, you’ll be able to access more information on fees, minimums, maximums, and processing times for each method. Withdrawing money from your account is a bit different. Each method of deposit, minus the use of Paypal, is acceptable to take money out of your sportsbook. Electronic funds transfers and Automatic Clearing House are extra forms of withdrawals that are not available when it comes to making deposits into any of the sports wagering websites for Argentina.

What Does The Future Of Sports Betting Look Like In Argentina?

The future of sports betting in Argentina looks a whole lot better than it once did. Although the country as a whole does not have legal sports betting and it is broken down into provinces, the fact that the country’s capital has finally made it legal shows promise that the remaining provinces in the country will follow. It is the hope of residents that legalized sports wagers countrywide will be realized simply to make it easier for all of those that live in Argentina. Being that every area has its own laws on the issue, it leads to confused bettors. But if Buenos Aires has made it a legal pastime now, soon the entire country will be doing the same.