Last updated on: June 6th, 2022

Legal Sports Betting In Australia

Legal sports betting in Australia is extremely popular and prevalent throughout the country. Betting has become such a huge part of the country’s lifestyle that their central bank has had to raise interest rates on loans as a result of bettors taking out bank loans to cover their sports betting hobby. Nearly 4% of the Australian population gamble on sporting events; of this 4%, 88% are male, 70% hold down full time jobs, and 75% are between the ages of 18-49. On average, adults in Australia lose $1,128 through sports betting each year – that number will likely continue to increase with the additional online sports betting options becoming available in Australia in 2022.

With sports betting laws and regulations changing throughout the country on a state-by-state basis, the legality of sports betting throughout Australia can seem a bit complicated. It’s much easier for the sports bettors in the country to use offshore sportsbooks, which are completely legal and can be accessed throughout the country. Once Australia decides to expand legal sports betting, the market will undoubtedly be ready for it – the Australian economy stands to profit heavily from the clear interest among citizens in sports betting – but until then, offshore internet sportsbooks will continue to reap the benefits.

Legality Of Sports Betting In Australia

The legality of sports betting in Australia weighs heavily with The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) which was passed by the Parliament of Australia on 28 June 2001. Currently, this Act is the mainstay behind all betting action in the country. Essentially, the laws are in place for the sportsbooks and casinos rather than the bettors. There are no real laws pertaining to what gamblers take part in these types of businesses. Offshore internet sports betting sites are highly prevalent amongst bettors in Australia, as there are no laws that say residents cannot use these sites and they offer more than that of homegrown sportsbooks.

However, the licensing laws for the country itself vary from state to state. Internet sports betting is allowed in the country and is not prohibited by the IGA if all wagers are placed before the start of any match. This rule is what makes live in-game wagers nonexistent for sports betting operators in the land down under.  Australia holds a ban on live in-game betting in the country and many lawmakers have been trying to get this ban lifted. Offshore internet sportsbooks still allow Aussies to take part in this feature on their websites despite the law. The Interactive Gambling Act authorizes sports betting, racing, and lotteries only. Companies will be prohibited from what they are allowed to offer players in terms of gaming but again these differ on a state to state basis.

Racing Queensland just announced two changes that will affect horse racing in Australia. One was a five percent tax rate increase for all in-person and online racebooks. The other raised their allotted share of the tax revenue from 35% to 80%.

What The Changes Mean

  • Tax Rate Increase For Operators: With the tax increased from 15% to 20% on legal racebooks, revenue is likely to decrease in short term. That decrease in revenue for the racebooks is likely to negatively affect racing odds offered by Australian sanctioned sportsbooks and racebooks alike, meaning the bettors may be hurt the most.
  • Revenue Allotment: By increasing their share of tax revenue, while also raising the amount of tax revenue generated, funding for improved facilities, prize money, facilities, events, and overall outlook are all going to improve.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Australia?​

Yes, Australia offers plenty of legal options for online sports betting. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) determined that online gambling is legal, but it is illegal for gaming companies to advertise “real money” online gambling services to Australian residents. The way these laws are written ensures that they will target betting providers rather than individual bettors themselves. There are legal online sportsbooks both domestic and international, as well as other types of gambling sites. The legality of online sports betting means that there is a good deal of variety in sports betting providers, which is great for gamblers looking to shop lines and maximize their potential payouts. 

How To Bet On The Super Bowl In Australia

Betting on the Sper Bowl is as simple as typing in a web address onto the web browser of your mobile device. Online sportsbooks host betting lines for sports bettors in Australia that allow them to bet on their favorite sport from anywhere. Australia bettors can bet on their team to win the Super Bowl anytime anywhere, making the need to travel to a retail sportsbook unnecessary.  In addition, Australian players are able to wager on player props and special non-game props like betting on the national anthem length or the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach. The options are seemingly endless when betting on the Super Bowl in Australia.

Australia Sports Betting Markets

As you would expect, the five largest cities in Australia are also the five largest betting markets in Australia:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

As there are regional differences in taste, Australian sportsbooks don’t offer the same variety of sports to bet on as conventional American sportsbooks. In Australia, the most popular sports to bet on include Australian Rules football, American football, cricket, and basketball. The Australian Football League is the most popular sporting league in the country, but even it pales in comparison to the following for international contests involving the Australian cricket or football teams. The hugely popular Ashes Test cricket series routinely draws huge interest from Australian bettors, as does the FIFA World Cup. But the most popular event to bet on is the Australian Open, which brings an unprecedented level of star power to Melbourne every year.

Where Australia Sports Betting Revenue Goes

The sports betting revenue from the Australian sportsbooks goes back into the country. It is not redistributed to one specific area but used for the overall betterment of the nation. Sports betting revenue gets put into the nation’s coffers and is combined with other tax revenue. This will then be used to fund schools, road repairs, pay city employees, and general tax based payments. Sports betting revenue allows Australia to have added income for its many cities and regions. In 2016-2017 alone the country saw $209 billion in sports betting revenue. The country has one of the highest betting averages per adult in the world. Sports bettors on average spend $11,000 each on sports betting. This makes Australia one of the biggest beneficiaries of legal sports betting.

Legal Australian Betting Sites

Finding offshore internet sportsbooks that accept Australian bettors proves to be a difficult task. Many of them are prohibited from legally accepting players from the country however there are still a few legal betting sites for Australians to join. One of the best internet sportsbooks for all of those living in Australia is Bookmaker. Below you will find a small review of what you can expect from Bookmaker as a member.

Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

Bookmaker Online Sportsbook

Australian Bettors Welcome!

Bookmaker Sportsbook is a wonderful offshore internet sports betting option for all of those bettors living in Australia. They have numerous wagers on a multitude of events that will please anyone interested in gambling on something. Their data and statistics are always up to date, allowing for players to be well informed prior to placing any wager. Bookmaker can be accessed on any mobile device with internet capabilities making betting that much more convenient. Their site is secure and easy to navigate.

They also offer plenty of methods for both deposits and payouts. If all of these things were not enough to make someone want to join, they offer some of the greatest promotions for their members to take part in. Bonuses work on a tiered structure based on how much you use their site. There are three levels, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Gold level members receive 10% bonuses on their deposits, Platinum members receive 15% bonuses, and Diamond level will get 20% in bonus money when they make deposits into their account. Bookmaker has everything a sports bettor needs and more making them a sportsbook worth looking into.

Legal Sports Betting In Australia FAQs

What Are The Best Betting Sites For Those Living In Australia?

For offshore sports betting sites, Bookmaker is the best site accepting players from Australia. The site is licensed in Costa Rica, and anyone that chooses to join them can rest assured knowing they are not taking part in any illegal activity and all of their information is secure. Bookmaker accepts bettors worldwide and has a wide range of sports to bet on, allowing for a much better wagering experience.

Which Banking Methods Are Accepted At Legal Australian Sportsbooks?

Credit cards and debit cards, as well as Paypal, are the accepted forms of deposit for sportsbooks located in Australia. Bank transfers are also allowed but they are not instant. Withdrawal methods for Australian sites include Paypal, Skrill, and credit card associated with a bank account. Processing times, minimums, maximums, and any fees per transaction can be viewed on the sportsbook once you’ve joined. As for offshore sports betting sites like Bookmaker, methods for deposit and withdrawal are the same and include Visa and Mastercard, as well as Skrill and online bank wire transfers. Processing times vary but all banking choices for Bookmaker are free to their sportsbook members. Minimums and maximums will vary as well.

What Does The Future Of Sports Betting Look Like In The Land Down Under?

With Australia being the biggest sports betting country in the world, it’s only natural that the future of sports wagering looks bright. Australia already has internet sports betting available to its residents with the exception of live in-game wagers. All betting on sporting events in the country must occur prior to the start of the match, which makes live bets illegal. However, with all of the internet gambling happening in the country, the next step would be complete legalization of everything that sports wagering entails and that is definitely something that can be seen in the future for Australian bettors to look forward to. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Participate In Legal Sports Betting In Australia?

The legal sports betting age in Australia is 18 and this is the minimum gambling age that sportsbooks will allow to partake in legal sports betting. This is strictly enforced by both physical and online sports betting operations. You will be unable to enter any land-based casino or join an online sportsbook without legal documentation confirming you are of the legal gambling age in Australia. If you are of the legal gambling age then you will gain access to the several sports betting options in the country.

What Currencies Are Accepted By Australian Sportsbooks?

Australia takes many forms of currency for payment and payout purposes. These include the Australian dollar, the American dollar, the British pound, the Euro, and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Any of these may be used when wagering on sports or any type of gambling done in the country.