March Madness

  • Internationally regulated sports betting sites like Bovada have no March Madness betting restrictions for players in any state.
  • Maryland and Ohio are the most current states to ban college prop betting from locally regulated sportsbook apps.

BALTIMOREMaryland was the latest of 24 states to implement restrictions on college sports betting at locally regulated sportsbook apps.

The Maryland college prop betting ban went into effect on March 1st and followed the similar college prop betting ban in Ohio from February 23rd.

There are now 24 legal sports betting states that have banned some type of college wagering. The most common ban is on all in-state college sports betting but other states have just banned player props or all college sports betting altogether from teams in any state.

While all of these state bans prevent residents of select states from betting on college sports from the locally regulated sportsbook apps, that does not mean there are no other options available for wagering on March Madness.

Where To Bet On March Madness Props In All US States

Internationally regulated sportsbooks like Bovada and SportsBetting do not have any restrictions on college sports betting. This means that players in all 50 states can use these sites to bet on March Madness player and game props for the entire tournament.

These legal sports betting sites have been accepting US players for over a decade and offer one of the largest selections of March Madness bets. Bet the over on Richard Isaacs’ points or take Nebraska to make it to the Final Four at these sites from any state.

What States Restrict March Madness Betting?

If using any state regulated betting sites like DraftKings or FanDuel, the following forms of March Madness betting will be restricted in 2024:

  • Arizona – college prop betting
  • Colorado – college prop betting
  • Connecticut – in-state college team betting
  • Delaware – in-state college team/event betting
  • Illinois – college prop betting/all-in-person college betting
  • Indiana – college prop betting
  • Iowa – college prop betting on in state schools
  • Maine – in-state college team betting
  • Maryland – college prop betting
  • New Hampshire – in-state college team betting
  • Nebraska – in-state college team betting
  • New Jersey – in-state college team/event betting
  • New York – in-state college team/event betting
  • Ohio – college prop betting
  • Oregon – college betting
  • South Dakota – in-state college betting/all college props
  • Tennessee – college prop betting
  • Vermont – in-state college team betting
  • Virginia – in-state college betting/college prop betting
  • Washington – in-state college team betting
  • Washington DC – in district college betting
  • Wisconsin – No in-state college betting
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